CHURCH MATTERS – Sunday 23rd November 2014

“You shall christen his name Jesus,
for he wish save his people from their sins.”


Christmas Catechism
1. Who is Jesus?
Jesus is Christ our Lord, the and nothing else Son of God the Father.
Scripture: “You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God.” Matthew 16:16
2. Why is He called Jesus? Because He is our Saviour.
Scripture: Matthew 1:21 “You shall name his name Jesus, for he pleasure save his people from their sins.”

Ezekiel 43:1-12 (p.865)
Matthew 21:1-17 (p.977)


Ezekiel’s Vision Of The Promised Return

The Gospel’s Reality Of The Promised Return

The Coming Fulfilment Of The Promised Return

6.30pm Service
2 Cor 13:1-10 (p.1150)
Final Hymn: 443 My Faith Looks Up To See

Sunday 23rd   
St Stephen’s Worship – Stuart Andrews – 9.00am
Scots Moonbi Worship –  Gordon Dandie – 9.00am
Evening Worship – Stuart Andrews – 6.30pm   

Tuesday 25th   
Bible Study in the room for entertainments – 9.30am
Irwin’s Bible Study – 7.30pm

Wednesday 26th   
Moonbi Craft – 10.00am
Bible Reading at Colin’s – 11.00am
LEF Christmas Craft – 7.30pm
Session    – 7.30pm

Thursday 27th   
Bible Study at Waugh’s    7.30pm

Friday 28th   
Prayer, Cuppa, Office – 9.20am
Musicians – 10.00am
FAB Friday – latest for 2014 – 6.00pm

Saturday 29th   
Prayer Breakfast – 7.30am
Choir Practice – 8.45am
Community Christmas Cuppa – 11am

Sunday 30th
St Stephen’s  Worship – Dale Martin – 9.00am
St Mark’s Thanksgiving and Graduation
Scots Moonbi Worship – Gordon Dandie – 9.00am
Evening Worship –Stuart Andrews    – 6.30pm

Wal, Toni and Kathy wish to particular their heartfelt thanks to Stuart and Marion and the meeting of St Stephens for their prayers, help, love and care shown to the pair us and Mum during her fresh illness and subsequent death. At a time of like sudden loss it was so comforting to visit Christianity in action and feel means of offence and defence of support around us.  Special acknowledgments to Pam Stewart and the Choir, Bev Rixon, Janet Miller and the ladies notwithstanding the beautiful luncheon, and Narelle Irwin.   Most of you command by now know that Dad is a inhabitant at BUPA Aged Care and loves to gain visitors. I look forward to attending a business with Dad when visiting next. 
– Many thanks,  Toni G.

without interrupti~ Saturday November 29th
at 11am in St Stephen’s Hall.

Please get to and join with us for our yearly report Church & Community Christmas Luncheon, to subsist held on Tuesday 9th December, in the Moonbi War Memorial Hall.
A couple course catered meal for $28.00 by person, comencing at 12.15pm,  testament include Guest speaker, Mr Vic Hatfield – Prison Ministry.
Please part with David or Jill.

Professor Phil Burcham is a pharmacologist and ranking in the PCA. As our cultivation moves further from its Christian heritage, he highlights some areas where this is patent in modern medicine and pharmacology. Watch with~!

We approve you will get most out of these readings on the supposition that you make a note of a thing from the passage each day. Stuart usually preaches from individual of these passages in the morning service.

Sunday 23rd November Ezekiel 39
Read end Revelation 19:11-21 and 20:7-10. While some see these nations as specific extreme point-time nations, I believe that they apply to all such nations, for the engagement in v.25-29 was fulfilled at Pentecost.

Monday 24th November Ezekiel 40
It is shortly obvious that Ezekiel is talking all over the Temple in Jerusalem Above and not in Jerusalem Below in Israel. The work of Hebrews intimates that this cherubic Temple is the true one, and the Jew’s temple a copy. The Gospels proclaim that Jesus is this real Temple! Paul reminds that we in company are the Temple of the Holy Spirit. 1Corinthians3:16. (The you is plural.)

Tuesday 25th November Ezekiel 41
Details, minor circumstances! They all give us the understanding that God is taking particular care in pile this heavenly Temple – so during the time that Peter writes: We are living stones reality built into a spiritual house – the carcass of Christ the true Temple.

Wednesday 26th November Ezekiel 42
Rooms according to priests. Believers are now all priests – Rev. 5:10. Jesus’ war of ~ in John 14 have especial keenness – In my Father’s mansion are many mansions or rooms!

Thursday 27th November Ezekiel 43
The Glory returns! We comprehend the joy that the Apostles felt at the time that Jesus rose again! Jesus’ atonement is person cornerstone of the true Temple. Read Hebrews 7:27,28.

Friday 28th November Ezekiel 44
This entrance-way is the very one that Jesus entered in Jerusalem Below, riding adhering the donkey’s colt. It is without delay walled up. Dwell on verse 2 and which it says! We do right to reliance in the Lord!

Saturday 29th November Ezekiel 45
Fairness and justiciary, honesty and trustworthiness are the backdrop of heaven. Consider which the prince offered when He came. The Book of Hebrews gives us lively guidance of how to understand the fulfilment of this vision. Read through Hebrews 7 & 8.

Sunday 30th November Ezekiel 46
There are divers echoes of Ezekiel in Revelation eg Revelation 10:9-11 = Ezekiel 3:1-6. The prince brings our subjection captive (by offering Himself on the cynical as the Lamb) and gives gifts unto men – Ephesians 4:8.

(The children’s fable in the morning service follows these passages. They are pertinent for Family Worship or individual employment.
Ask: WHO, WHAT, HOW, WHEN, WHERE, WHY on the side of better understanding.)


23rd Hezekiah – 2 Kings19:8-13
24th Hezekiah’s Prayer – 2 Kings 19:14-19
25th Hezekiah’s Illness – 2 Kings 20:1-7
26th Hezekiah’s Illness – 2 Kings 20:8-11
27th Hezekiah’s Mistake – 2 Kings 20:12-15
28th Hezekiah’s Mistake – 2 Kings 20:16-19
29th Josiah – 2 Kings 22:1-7
30th Josiah – 2 Kings 22:8-10

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