Comment on Sad Demise of Shri Mohanlal Agrawal by Nehal Patel

Shri Mohanlal Agrawal

Shri Mohanlal Agrawal

Shri Mohanlal Agrawal was originally from Merrut Uttar Pradesh, his born grade and work place was from Surendranagar, Gujarat. Shri Mohanlal Agrawal was piercing in Science, Music, Writing, Ancient Cultures, Researches, and History. His favourite subjects was Ayurved and History.

He has show the main part of the Indian civilization, is our sadhusamaja. Aadi – anadikala  proceed of the different sect. Including Sadhusant, Siddhi’s, Jati’s, Yogis’s, Tyagis’s, Daas’s, Hakto’s  Along with it’s people. Sadhus interact in the life of every person, one way or another in with symmetry more or less. Whatever thought action of the person or whatever it is steady the level. At the time of juxtaposition and after contact with each of the grievous – sweet feeling to have. 

Shri Mohanlal Agrawal left us put ~ 6th June 2014, he was endurance from poor health conditions.

Please accept a small tribute from us. You direct be always stay in our hearts by your words.

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