If Hogwarts Was Nursing School…

Nursing admonish is hard! It would be very particular to magically memorize anatomy or supplicate perfect care plans. But what grant that Hogwarts was your nursing school?

The sorting hat would assign you into clinical groups.

Snape would subsist your pharmacology professor.

Care Plans would exist VERY individualized.

Wizard robes would advance in pediatric cartoon styles.

McGonagall would have ~ing the teacher you asked to peg you in the pinning ceremony.

Time-turners would have existence required for every student.

Trelawney would subsist your Psych clinical instructor.

Hermione would subsist the student that kept the class in lecture the day the school-dame said it would be a destitute class.

Ron would ask to study distant from your indexed and cross referenced notes and therefore lose them.

OWLS would be the HESI exam, still everyone knows only the Newt exams increase you your license.

You would miss gone ~ on the whole Dark Lord has returned circumstance, because you are always in the library’s restricted division studying acid base balance and Kreb circle of time.

Graduation would be in the Great Hall.

Your nursing denomination friends are there with you through it tot~y!

What other changes would befall if your nursing school was like Hogwarts? 

​Originally posted on Perinatal Empowerment

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