Oh God, November. You’re Almost Gone?!

Finally, to this place is a life update. To outset with, the 100 Days of Happy. 

Day #38 – Finished my Halloween style of dress. SO EXCITED.
Day #39 – My Korra costume, from Legend of Korra, turned with~ to be friggin’ on the nose. So supercilious of my hand sewing skills!
Day #40 – Free broth from the crepe couple for lunch later. They are the sweetest.
Day #41 – Making a pumpkin chai decoction latte with my David’s Tea stash. Delicious for watching DIT videos.
Day #42 – Surprising Shauna by gluten free pumpkin spice muffins – knot roommate effort while Shauna was from home. Happy Birthday Shauna!
Day #43 – Went towards a 4K run. It felt serious.
Day #44 – Roommate dinner was a good fortune. I made the best stuffed swine-flesh tenderloin of my life. I was to such a degree impressed!
Day #45 – Mini raspberry cheesecakes were a carry the point in PBL. I was nervous, but they worked out! Also – roommate movie night with Stardust. God I love that movie!
Day #46 – Friday night, stayed in. I needed it through the sickness that I had been plagued through all week. Solid decision. Happiness is sticking to my guns.
Day #47 – Free nutella and banana crepe from the crepe link. And they gave us free paella in quest of lunch to take home 🙂
Day #48 – Totally owned my pharmacology overlook session with DIT. Thanks to a important pharmacist for helping a girl on the ~side!
Day #49 – I slept. For formerly (it has been a struggle lately)
Day #50 – Halfway done! WHOA. This is Remembrance Day back home. I’m pleased I come from a country of freedom. Thank you to our veterans, Lest We Forget.
Day #51 – I managed to have rid of my migraine – the discomfit of my life yet. Thankful because modern medicine and drugs. It was debilitating. Happiness is inferior head pain today. Also – Supernatural’s 200th digression watching day!!
Day #52 – Wearing a petty black dress, and celebrating a classmate’s birthday at a copper and marble wine grotto in town.
Day #53 – Lovely dinner thoroughly with lovely company and conversation at a Thai restaurant I have always wanted to try. And at that time FaceTime with my B-friend Alison.
Day #55 – Took a walk through the river, and saw part of the older lot of town. It was nice!
Day #56 – FaceTime by Chelsea!!
Day #57 – Dried mango. Seriously. 
Day #58 – Roommate dinner – homemade tiramisu!
Day #59 – Mockingjay Part 1 with roommates and half of my PBL dispose
Day #60 – Off to Copenhagen – I got an aisle seat with no one out of the course of not according to me.
Day #61 – Copenhagen at Christmas – Michelin luminary restaurant, Tivoli, amazing food and death by the halter out with my friend Jakob 🙂
Day #62 – Lightly salted kettle chips.
Day #63 – Homemade truffles from the girls upstairs. OMG.

Alright. That is terminate to 30 days of Happiness that I consider had to catch up on. I guess I haven’t done a appropriate update in a month (but I did shirk two in there, Barcelona being any of them). The days above give an example of what’s been going in successi~ in the Medical Adventures (and else) of Mira, but I’ll yet give a rundown of the sunlight-to-day life happenings, using the identical format as I did in the summer. It’s skilful and it gives my brain a piece of structure – especially since it’s Monday nightfall, and Mondays are the most clusterflucked days hither in 2nd year + USMLE Step 1 Prep Land.


Things are moving crazy fast. We have less than 2 weeks of cases / classes till exams start. Four exams this year – 3 notice content and 1 clinical. The scroll is pretty fair but it’s scary to attend how fast it’s coming up. I’ve been wearisome to do review along the usage, but it is quite difficult. Miranda and I had a study concoct for anatomy spotter review (weekly) no more than that got pushed aside because you’re due so damn busy. I have been doing hebdomadary clinical skills since September so that is unit exam that I feel just unadulterated for.

Mock exams have happened. Green forward one, still waiting on the other. It surprised me to have existence honest, as I don’t prepare on the side of them at all (I want to view the benchmark of how much I’m retaining since exams that don’t count) on the contrary I guess I’m retaining.

USMLE Prep Course – I skipped all the micro, but I started back afresh today with Histology. IT was much better. Still draining but I was acquisition more than half of the questions straight. 

Every Sunday, for about 6+ hours, Sam, Miranda and I rest up a projector of sorts in a PBL or reproof room, and go through 12+ videos of DIT (Doctors in Training), what one. helps us for our Step 1 nevertheless is also a really good pass in ~ and learning tool for school being of the kind which well. It’s draining but the videos are entertaining during the time that well, and they’re succinct. There’s a workbook beside with it, so as we watch and comment on our First Aid books, we finish the workbook questions too. I’m verdict I’m a lot better by pharm this year, which is grand, but there is so much to be aware of. Crazy how much you have to paroxysm in within just 2 years of pre-clinical balderdash. 

My PBL tutor for the 2nd half of this term is about 1000000000000x more fit than the first half. Our guardian reviews reflected this. Our one fair now is from South Africa and he indeed has a personality. And cares. It absolutely makes such a difference. 

UL GIVE pack – it’s coming along. So abundant happening and lots of administrative operate. There is some business with non-Irish the million not being able to access the bank accounts and having a 99% non-Irish active goodness committee, this is a problem I’m sorting away.


This area has been sucking. Since my Grandpa passed, I’ve been conduct with lack of sleep and in that case getting sick then migraines. It was a assign. Gym and exercise took a advance back seat. This also resulted in efficacy gain. 

Food was meh, I tracked it everything (325 days and counting still!) except I could improve. So I acquire been making a bigger effort there. And I’ve been going on walks at night. 

I shrink back at the gym tomorrow dawn, with my first weigh in seeing that my Grandpa passed. It’ll subsist ugly. But reality gets faced.

I’ve decided to focus on cardio again. I’m stronger than I distress to be, and as much taken in the character of I love weights, my trainer back home seems to desire fallen off the earth and I slip on’t have the effort to be productive of a new training plan to infix to. Cardio it is. I did 3/4 of a November dare but then I got too exhausted in c~tinuance 2-3 hrs of sleep that I true forgot to do the exercises either night in my room.

I’m realizing greater degree and more that I need to task and dedicate the time in the in good time morning for the exercise, or else I get bogged down with instruct and just don’t. Time to gain those good habits for future Dr. Mira in this way I don’t struggle as a great deal of then. I did it last year by school, so it can be executed. Just need to start it up anew. 

Still baking weekly 🙂 

Pumpkin tincture muffins

Mini raspberry cheesecakes


I was companionable last week and went out to a wine prohibit for a classmate’s birthday. On a Thursday. WHAT. PS It was truly fun. I was really happy I went lacking. 

We hosted the 2nd yearly transactions Love Actually night two weekends past. It was fabulous. I think in that place’s a correlation between medical students and peculiarity of baking. It’s actually unreal here. I don’t know that which it is, but our class is very extraordinary at food and cooking and baking. 

Went to Copenhagen (there will be a separate blog to come this week!) and had my 2nd occurring every year Christmas magic weekend. It was sorely needed. I broke my toe (in addition on that in the Copenhagen blog) still it was worth it. I’m appease probably seen with stars in my eyes. Absolutely benevolence that city even more. 

My Halloween costume was just fantastic. Only 3 the many the crowd knew who I was but it was totally price all the time I spent sewing. Reference drawing can be found here.

Been doing a portion of the planning for my sister’s hymeneal shower, which is less than 2 days hinder I get home. I’ll subsist doing all the baking for the desserts (I consider a stellar menu planned). I command also be working on a module ~ the sake of school in the long term care home my grandparents were at thus it’s going to be same busy up until Christmas. After Christmas is none work, and family trip to Quebec City it seems!

Going completely with my PBL group bowling and as being social activities this week. I’m looking onward to all the strikes I’m going to generate! (NOT)

The last month and a scrap have been really tough on me mentally and emotionally. I am ultimately out of that and more or not so much sleeping again. I feel much a great deal of happier and more like the going to decay me. I think I had to learn there to focus on everything other. To be honest, I don’t remember much of the last month because of the emphasis I guess I was under. Much preferable now – and in good timing!

First roommate dinner – Jehanya and I
Portabello pizza, stuffed pig-meat loin, mixed bean spinach salad

Turtleneck nimble for Love Actually!

Real Gingerbread Cake!

We made ~100 of these cannoli. For a fun study break on a Saturday

Homemade burning chocolate & whipped cream

2nd roommate dinner – Miranda & Shauna
Mixed salad, roasted potatoes and roasted herbed chicken

Homemade tiramisu

That’s bonny much been it. The 100 Days of Happiness certainly help give the day to set time rundown at least. And all of you fault-finding about an update can be satisfied by reason of now 😉

Bonus pictures of the week:

Avatar grandeur Korra

Tomato basil soup (free!) from the crepe coupling 🙂

Not the gumdrop buttons!

Paella (immoderate!) from the crepe couple the nearest week 🙂

Grilled mustard lamb, roasted brussels sprouts, basmati rice and broccoli.
See? Effort into cooking.

Typical crepe by a free orange juice.
I have affection for the crepe couple.

Knitting gifts from my B loved!

It’s official. I have a fancy jacket to prove it.

She would throw out it out, so I would persecute in up into her food.

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