Everyone is well apprised of the name Hira Ratan Manek (Shah) of Gujarat-India. He had fasted instead of 411 days at a stretch. This was published in the same proportion that a headline in the leading journal called Gujarat Samachar. The editor of this journal asked Hira Ratan Manek as to by what means it was possible to live independently of food and water?
Hira Ratan Manek replied that it is by way of solar energy only that he could tarry alive without food and water with a view to 411 days at a stretch. The editor asked: How are you attaining this power from the sun? From where did you learn this information?
Hira Ratan Manek replied: When I met a Sidha saint dwelling in Rishikesh-India he taught me the technique of attaining this energy from the sun. I first experimented with it by fasting for 411 days in the absence of taking any food or water. Hira Ratan Manek resided the pair in Bhuj-Gujarat and Mumbai once.
From the above it is self-same clear that just anybody in the globe can remain alive without taking at all food or water by imbibing a fate of solar power.
Sunday is reported to be sun’s day. On Sunday the focused energy of whole planets falls down on our planet turf. On that day hence we are advised by our great scriptures to fast by doing the Suryavrata. Women are known to close on Sundays to protect their husbands and attain good health. In MP and Bihar-India the Kartik Suda 6th Tithi (Chhatha) is called Suryashashti and in c~tinuance this day a Vrata or religious vow is observed. On the photo/images of every one of deities the soul of the light is shown as an aura on every side their faces.
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In Rome in like manner Sunday is said to be godly. Just as fire is most required to falsify food, to ‘cook’ and be matured our soul so as to win Self/God Realization divine energy is ~ numerous needed. We may worship any sacred power, the name of god/goddesses and Mantra chanting definite to them, their form and qualities, their weight and underlying import maybe many to this time the solar principle perforce has to be conjoined to all without exception. Any stamp of meditation, Yoga practices, worship rites, ecclesiastical practices, Japa etc has to have ~ing executed by facing the east and by the help of solar energy good luck is attained more swiftly. The distant control of awakening divine powers rests in the hands of Savita or the sunshine. just as without fire we cannot give a color to food, without the sun or Savita’s co-operate with we cannot succeed in our adore method to just about any god.
Gayatri is an individual Sadhana or ecclesiastical practice. Everyone executes it for their individual well actuality. Savitri’s deity is the illustrious sun and for it Suryopsthan is greatest in number required. Savitri is congregational in constitution. When many individuals in a collective mode execute Gayatri practices at one reproach in unison and perform a Yajna using general wealth and a focused collective mind in which the lay public participates in stupendous hordes and accept nectarine Prasad comprehend that it is a Savitri and Savita Yajna. For overcoming private problems Gayatri worship/meditation and ~ the sake of solving public and world problems Savitri practices are executed congregationally. At not heedless in India, people perform only Gayatri or individual Sadhana. Thus their hostile off results are being created. None should harbor the illusion that Gayatri and Savitri are sunder divine powers. Fire that burns/cremates a dead body is called ‘Lohita’ and discharge of ~-arms used for cooking food is called ‘Rohita’. These names none doubt are different yet it is absolutely done keeping in mind their performance. Yet in reality in both conditions fire described is one only. Similarly, one as well as the other Gayatri and Savitri despite being a particular divine energy manifest 2 forms.
Fire is a portion of the ~ny place. When mango fruit falls off from the tree it falls put ~ the ground below. This is on this account that the mother of the tree and its outcome is earth or ground. Even you burn untold measure of wood and Ghee or clarified butter yet the tongues of the fire driving on upwards only because their father is the day-star. In worship rites and spiritual practices we loose incense, flame wick lamps etc because they symbolize the presence of sunshine there.
Gayatri and Super Power Yajnas are a yoke or couple. Similarly Savitri and Savita too are a pair or couple. At the time of Gayatri revere completion (Purnahuti) we must perform a Yajna. If you cannot execute a Yajna daily at least practise it compulsory either on Sundays eddish. week, on Ekadashi day and Purnima or well stocked moon day. In this Gayatri reverence Anushthan offer 27 Mantras’ Ahuti least part.
In the Vanparva of epic Mahabharat in that place is a dialogue between Goddess Saraswati and Tarkshya. In it Saraswati-Savitri says: I prepare created from Agnihotra or fire rites. I defender off all doubts. A Ritwij via Yajna performance attains my blessings over and above this is possible only for those who are self controlled, behave piously and are firm in their devotion to Almighty God. Along with studies of Divine Science or Brahmavidya those who ceaselessly concerning 7 years do Yajna worship in addition, attain me without doubt. Poet Kalidas, Varadraj etc attained this shining talent via Savitri based spiritual practices.
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Agnihotra or Yajna is the first application of solar worship. In hackneyed tasks useful fire can be lit using any kind of fuel, yet in canon to light Yajna fire wood/Samidha of special types of trees are made practice of. The wood of those trees used viewed like Samidha in Super Power Yajnas ~iness predominate with sun element. In Super Power Yajnas puissant Mantras are used in the con~ation of energy. Yajna fire represents orb of day on planet earth hence via it every part of benefits accrue that are got from solar rays. The leading benefits of Yajna performing are warding facing bodily diseases, augmenting n fold intellectual consciousness, imbuing the inner personality by radiance, augmenting brilliant talent, advancing grievous glorious mental qualities and proliferating numerous great glorious activities. More special benefits from Super Power Yajnas hold its energy aiding in the merging of a subsistence being’s soul with God who is the belonging cosmic soul. In the close contiguity of Yajna fire man can accomplish total divinity.
As per the annals of temple construction mentioned in Varahpurana (177/59/72) King Samba had built 3 ~ny place temples in the regions of Udaygiri and Shambapur. The Chinese pupil and world traveler Hiuen Sang in his travelogue writes that the sun’s trope reinstated in the sun temple of Shambapur was made from 8566 kg of honest gold and at the time of Muslim inroad in 712 AD this sun figure had been looted by them.
In the Padmapurana it is mentioned that a self controlled enthusiast immersed in thoughts of Brahman or God up~ the body chanting Super Mantra Gayatri with original mental focus becomes a Jivanmukta or individual liberated while yet alive. He on that account attains the supreme abode of the solar earth or Loka.
Yaha sandhyamupasate brahmaiva tadupasate.
MEANING: Those who regularly complete Sandhya worship (chanting Gayatri at begin to be light, noon and dusk) are actually worshiping Almighty God on this account that sun or Aditya is none other than Brahman or Almighty God.
The Bhishmapita of Ayurveda configuration of healing Maharshi Charak in his authored paragraph ‘Charak Samhita’ elucidates that whensoever he went to the forest to muster disease curing herbs, these herbs themselves would showcase their peculiar healing qualities. These herbs would moreover convey to Maharshi Charak at the kind of time in which Nakshatra if these herbs were plucked which types of diseases could get cured. In the texts of Astrology Sciences/Jyotish Vidya it is written: ‘Ashtami vyadhinashini’. The 8th age of the moon waxing or waning cures aggregate types of diseases and hence is surpassingly beneficial for medical healing. On the 8th light of ~ the sun and moon are aligned at a degree of remoteness of 90 degrees in 2 corners.
Prof Dr Ralph W Morris of Chicago’s Illinois University (Pharmacology Dept) conducted indubitable research studies wherein on a replete moon night the moonshine affects man’s soul. Energy waves manifesting from this stuff increases the speed of blood currency. In patients afflicted with diabetes without ceasing a full moon night sugar levels in the common derivation reach their peak because on a replete moon day the earth, sun and secondary planet get aligned in a single toothed or line.
Solar light electrifies the human material substance. USA’s Dr Neal Bernhart from his investigation findings proves that by contacting potent rays of the sun an electromagnetic issue flows in the human body. This in change position overcomes many types of incurable diseases.
One sunlight a very physically thin girl was brought to Gayatri Tapobhumi in opposition to medical treatment. Her skin had stopped functioning. Her porter body felt very itchy and hence had become a living skeleton. Despite corroding nutritious food and being administered tonics her vital current level that was meager in extent just did not increase. Her children circulation too was very disorderly. Her doctors and Vaidyas were very worried as to what was the spiritual charge for this ailment? How should they medically bargain her?
Finally this girl patient was taken to one adept naturopath. The naturopath advised her to master exposed to sunshine (from 5.30 am to 10.30 am) ~ the sake of 1 month daily. She was not given forage to eat so as to uproot dirt in the body. Due to fervor of sunlight movements in the hide commenced. Since from the skin pores sunlight and space element entered the corpse, the girl’s body experienced relish and robust energy. She now started desiring to be of service out and enjoy life. She could at present eat properly. Blood levels increased optimally in her visible form. In a few days she became healthiest amongst total her family members. All family members witnessing this astonishing transformation started availing the benefits of solar domination via sun exposure of their carcass.

In sun’s warmth during the natural state the material part gets health force that is a invaluable gift of nature. Those people residing in areas at which place sun rays fail to reach are known to have ~ing listless, weak in Prana Energy ~ed and yellow skinned. Vitamin D got from sun rays help bodily growth a doom in a healthy manner hence in the with child state itself the would be source must expose the fetus in the womb to daylight. Pregnant women must work in the prime of day in such a way that they induce maximum exposure to sunlight. If they are charitable from work they must sunbathe in this in season morning rising sunlight. If a gravid woman fails to sunbathe under this forward morning rising sunlight they shall appearance difficulty in walking, resting etc. By not acquisition exposed to sunlight women get afflicted by a bone ailment called osteomalasia.
Anusurya bhudayatam vhadadhoto harma ya te.
MEANING: By exposing our carcass to the early morning orange cum glorious hued sun rays anemia and fortitude ailments are cured. Those microbes that carry into practice not die even when water is boiled properly die merely on getting exposed to sun’s violence.
Amongst many type of invisible solar rays infrared rays accord. heat to our body. It pierces verily the skin covering enter the material substance. In this manner UV or ultraviolet day~ rays also heal many diseases with success. Since these UV rays are to a high degree tiny they can be used via solar lenses. After exposing the body to sunlight, if we bathe with cold water skin pores get cleansed and public fully.
Those who have to operate in their offices mainly using their brain skills mouldiness at the time of sunbathing the visible form place a cloth on the director or wear a cap. This is for we must protect ourselves from highly intense heat. Hence this practice of sunbathing mouldiness be increased slowly and steadily. Via just sunbathing diseases of the brain, inclination, cough-cold and illnesses attacking our carcass in winter too get healed prosperously.
Via Gayatri worship/meditation many unseemly benefits attained have been discussed in the same manner far. This is but the miracle of the energy of sun the supreme goodness. When lust for sexual union emerges in the psyche the sense organs get excited what one. is quite natural. Similarly by mentally meditating steady the brilliant sun the rays closest to the light bathe our psyche and this psychic or mental energy spreads out in every side of our body.
Via Gayatri worship/meditation deadly dangerous diseases are known to gain cured. It is but the consequence of the scientific methodology of the conscious cast of thought meditating on the sun. By meditating put ~ the sun mental purity and essence sanctity augments manifold. It is from here that HH Gurudeva Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya would comfort everyone at Shantikunj (HQ of International Gayatri Family-Haridwar-India) to daily meditate on Savita sun god in the soon morning hours. Via solar meditation our benefaction world and the next one over reforms positively. This is the unfading truth of our planet earth.
Via Gayatri worship/meditation Savita energy can be invoked, imbibed and rendered advanced in our material substance. With this energy not only does our hale condition, life span, radiance and brain knack augment a great deal but that similar ESP or Extra Sensory Perception advances stupendously what one. is called the boon of Almighty God. Lord Shri Rama ~ means of attaining the hidden import of Aditya Hridaya could despatch the deadly almost invincible demon Ravan. Other brothers overmuch were initiated into solar worship/contemplation by Rishi Dhaumya. By doing solar practices the unintelligible import of the entire cosmos opens up. Super Mantra Gayatri is a solar Mantra. Right since ancient eras Gayatri worship/meditation is believed to have existence a must do righteous duty during the term of every Indian citizen. The highly of the intellect scientist Dr Ronald conducted research by way of study of a patient. In it allowing that the head lies in the west. occidental direction while sleeping the person’s intellectual stress increases a lot. This was steady using an oscillometer. If the summit lies in the southern direction while sleeping the person’s mental stress reduces considerably. This verily is the testimony of the attraction-repulsion of day-star and planet earth which is moderated using an oscillometer.
Dogs, cats, buffalos, bulls etc well well to do perceive the eruption of an earthquake. When they walk without interrupti~ a road once, never again vouchsafe they need directions to walk forward it another time. Even fish and birds comprehend directions quite well. This is a present of sun’s electrical energy. ‘surya atma jagatahasthushcha’. The day-star is the soul of the unmingled cosmos.
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Dr Herald Schweitzer (Australian scientist) later than conducting due research studies opines that solar eclipses shower lots of sway on the human brain. Not singly mankind but creatures also lose their soundness of mind. Half an hour before a solar eclipse sets in ants stop searching with a view to food and instead aimlessly run surrounding here and there. Birds lose whole sense of direction. Apart from a small in number sparrows majority of the birds preclude chattering.
Solar eclipse is that pre-eminent hour wherein if you do Japa or Mantra chanting it succeeds remarkably easily. At the time of solar hide from view if you do Japa or Mantra chanting near a river, in a cave or church of God the Mantra reaps pompous success. In future the number of solar eclipses is going to enlarge a lot hence Mantra worship granted at such times definitely shall abet in your attaining sun god’s blessings and condescension.
The sun is called a sin destroyer. Hence a prayer for freedom from sins and attaining a holy intellect is done in front of Super Mantra Gayatri’s godhead Savita during Japa or Mantra chanting and contemplation. Regarding this the mystery of Madhu Vidya is detailed in the 12th line of poetry of the 1st Khand of Chandogya Upanishad by way of Savita spiritual practices.
The priceless metrical composition penned by poet Kalidas- ‘Raghuvansham’ gives a species of Mother Seeta staring one marked (Tratak) on the sun while they were in woodland exile. It was she who sent a notice to her husband Lord Rama that in the pattern of giving birth to the babies in her womb, she would devotedly offer worship to the sunshine in order to attain him while her husband in her next beginning also.
Emperor Akbar also was a ~ny place devotee. Daily seated facing the light he would chant the 1000 names or Sahasranam. He had given a require that in his kingdom solar venerate must be carried out in the daybreak, noon, evening and night. The Greek Emperor Alexander or Sikander too was a sun devotee.
In the Christian the scriptures ‘New Testament’ since Sunday belongs to the ~ny place they say it is best to act worship/ meditation on that day. Saint Paul says that doing humanity on such a sacred day considered in the state of Sunday too is apt.
Jagadguru Adi Shankaracharya in his ‘sandhyabhashya’ literature describes the deep import of the day-star. He says in it that homage of the sun who is the endow or supply with a ~ of the entire cosmos destroys our sins and inspires us to get a pious intellect. By meditation attached the invisible divine energy of Super Mantra Gayatri, via grace of Savita both material and incorporeal wealth is attained.
Fossil fuels like timber-land, oil, coal etc may get totally depleted in the next 25 years. Electricity also is generated via coal and water hence if we be insufficient to get electricity there is nay other option for world humanity nevertheless to tap solar power. Hence today in Gujarat-India in regions like Surendranagar’s Dhama/Fatepur/Visnagar/Junjuvada villages, stations generating electricity via solar power have been built. This electricity is that time transmitted to other sub stations.
Today fresh scientists in order to fulfill unfixed tasks believe that the energy precept for these tasks can only subsist supplied by a very potent and durable fount in the form of solar capacity of work. For generating this energy from the light various techniques and technology are reality designed. Similarly Savita’s infinite Prana power can be used for warding away bodily and mental afflictions, good hale condition augmenting, attaining a long disease release life and spiritual uplifting. For this ~t one technology is required because man’s psyche and mind are the best ‘machines’ to suck in this energy. Only via meditation in c~tinuance Savita-sun one can by attracting the turn of Prana energy of the sun overcome many diseases and thus life a protracted illness free life.
Brahmaleen Swami Akhandanand Saraswati (Rishikesh) in his volume on Karma Yoga has detailed the give heed to boggling miraculous feats of solar spirit. A householder of Gujarat-Dholera named Prithvirajsingh Chudasama had gone to Rishikesh and had met Swami Akhandanand Saraswati. Prithvirajsinghji succeeding respectfully touching the feet of Swami Akhandanand Saraswati begged instead of blessings.
Swamiji asked him: Why be seized of you come to Rishikesh?
Prithvirajsinghji replied: I consider come here to die.
Swamiji asked him: What does that disingenuous?
Prithvirajsinghji replied: Sir! I am in the 3rd stage-coach of blood cancer. Since I shall definitely die at the same time that per my doctors’ opinion, I own come here to dwell in Rishikesh to the time when I breathe my last. Even admitting that my life has not reformed at smallest my death shall fruitfully reform me.
Swamiji asked him: Suppose your hotspur cancer gets cured successfully?
Prithvirajsinghji replied: Sir! I shall just then live in Haridwar-Rishikesh singly and not return home.
Swamiji asked him: My drug is free of cost. Yet remain one thing in mind-if you disappear to harbor deep faith towards your Guru, physician-Vaidya and medicine, your disease shall not ~ by heart cured. This disease could be sacred bondage or material like your cancer ail.
Prithvirajsinghji replied: Sir! Whether you spiritual charge me or not I have filled faith in you.
Swamiji told him: You new wine bathe in Mother Ganges’ water, smooth in the mud on the river shore and while sun rays be diminished on your body continue chanting Super Mantra Gayatri though lying down in a sleeping predication in the sand. It shall take 6 months in this manner to cure your blood cancer. You be obliged to drink only River Ganga water and corrode only Moong-rice.
Prithvirajsinghji replied: Sir! I shall commence doing this from tomorrow itself.
Swamiji told him: You be necessitated to beg for food (Bhiksha) from Baba Kalikamliwala.
In this kinds Prithvirajsinghji would daily bathe in River Ganga at 5 am in the early part, roll in the soil of Mother Ganga, paste this religious soil on his body and money-drawer 10 am he would lie laid low on the river shore. Again in the even at 5 pm he would re-echo this procedure of alternative medicine healing. At noon he would take (Bhiksha) from Baba Kalikamliwala and feed food. Then for 2-3 hours he would rest following meals. In the evening too hind completing this therapy he would movement to sleep at 8 pm.
Prithvirajsinghji would daily go and have the holy Darshan of Swamiji.
In this sort 6 months passed by and HH Swamiji said: Prithiviraj! Do you feel the animate to eat Roti or Indian regimen made of wheat?
Prithvirajsinghji replied: Sir! I feel exceedingly hungry and I shall be dexterous if you give me the permission to eat Roti.
HH Swamiji said: Henceforth eat what you wish to. Your spirit cancer has been cured. You have power to get it medically examined by a cancer specialist.
Prithvirajsinghji got the that must be blood cancer tests done and look behold! It was cured totally.
Prithvirajsinghji afore~: Swamiji! Please do initiate me into Sanyas and ochre invest. I shall now never return home. As in great part as I am concerned I am dead in favor of my family members because in my final dire state of blood cancer none one came here to take care of me. HH Swamiji did commence him into Sanyas and gave him the ochre clothe. He was given the new Sanyas repute of Swami Premananda and his pure life lived in Rishikesh. In 1957 AD he became Brahmaleen.
This solar based therapy is self-same similar to chemotherapy given to cancer patients. But chemotherapy is to such a degree ghastly that the patient’s hair forward the head fall of. Chemotherapy heals but for a short time span on this account that again cancerous cells start proliferating. As against this the solar based cancer therapy (alternative medicine) destroys cancer causing agents from their to a high degree foundation. Further solar energy toughens and renders powerful the immune system of the material substance so much that no disease causing germs and other agents can enter or proliferate in the body. In future times to come at what time all other modes of therapy shall cease this solar healing therapy shall exist used by the whole world attached a war footing.
The question asked is that allowing that as per the prevalent belief right since time immemorial some divine drift oozing with divine powers is vital principle showered on the land of India via sun rays, then why is it that the judgment trend, character and behavior of Indian citizens default sanctity and sacredness akin to that celebrated in Satyuga or the Golden Era?
The Sidha saints of Himalayas give 2 reasons for the above. The 1st is that our air and environment has become so polluted that the to and fro movement of this flow of divine powers is acquirement badly obstructed. Hence this divine issue measure which had reached peaks in Satyuga has weakened a hap in today’s modern times. The 2nd conception is that the attitude of looking upon the fount of this divine stream Savita as a mass of divine consciousness that is responsible of rendering alive and aptly activated this porter world has been totally destroyed. Hence we be deficient to get the benefit of sacred qualities via Savita-sun.
A interrogation arises as to whether the sun we see in the sky quotidian is actually a deity? Does it possess the sentiment of pleasure and offence? In order to unravel the reality of this belief of Hindus in the year 1980 AD a Prof of California University-Sir AK George conducted some important experiment. In the hottest summer month of June he stood in a state of inferiority to the blazing afternoon sunshine for 5 minutes in the absence of donning clothes. Then he went to his occasion to check his body temperature what one. showed he had fever of 3 degrees. The next day with deep devotional faith he offered deify to the sun with a wick warm lamp, incense sticks, flowers, fruits etc and at another time in the afternoon he stood below the blazing sunshine for 11 minutes exclusively of donning clothes. Then he went to his place to check his body temperature what one. showed he had no fever at completely. This was quite mind boggling for the cause that instead of 5 he stood because of 11 minutes under the blazing illumination naked yet his bodily temperature was analogical as shown by the thermometer. Hence the certainty that Hindus look upon sun of the same kind with a god with deep faith is not issueless by any means. This has been elucidated ~ dint of. Sir AK George via research data unfolded by him in his main division ‘sun: The Hindus’ deity’. In this ceremonious behavior westerners too started accepting that light and moon are not mere lifeless masses of mud, rocks etc if it be not that are conscious divine powers. They can shower on us both anger and boons likewise if they become pleased with us.
Swami Achyutananda lived in Vrindavan-India. Before he became a Sanyasi/solitary he was called Anand Shrimali. He was born in a Brahmin tribe residing in Rajasthan state’s Alwar incorporated town. He was the lone son of a highly rich affluent family and had graduated of the same kind with a mechanical engineer. His father got him married in a very royal lavish measure. His home had 5 cars and relative to 15 large rooms of royal décor. Anand’s wife was actual beautiful and very sweet natured. In 7 years of connubial life Anand sired 2 sons. His parents were in a transport. His house had many servants, property and a hale profitable business.
Anand left for the 4 Dham expedition accompanied by his family members. Although in those days roads were true rough yet Anand being very gay himself drove the car. Suddenly ~ward the roadway between Uttarkashi-Gangotri ice-torrent rain clouds gathered. It became surpassingly dark and gloomy. It was yet 2 pm in the afternoon. It started raining. His car ruthless into a big crater and later overturning it fell into the deep pass. Anand could remember only this abundant. When he regained consciousness he alone was mendacious in this deadly ravine. A small above his car was hanging adhering a huge branch of a tree. He started climbing up and it took him with reference to 6 hours to reach this tree. What he saying was very heart wrenching because entirely his family members had died. He once more became unconscious. When he regained consciousness he was in a military hospital. Over there in Gangotri ice-torrent region he cremated the dead bodies of his race members.
He reached his home afterwards and his relatives would come to sympathize with him. He mentally reflected a great number deep within. For whom should he live? Thus on the model of giving up all his material property without telling anyone Anand Shrimali left since Vrindavan. He would regularly associate through great saints like Mahayogi Devraha Baba Sarkar, Shri Udiya Babaji Maharaj etc. Later he got initiated into Sanyas and wore the ascetic’s ochre array. Mahayogi Devraha Baba Sarkar gave him the Sanyasi call of Swami Achyutanand. Swamiji would overwhelm himself in devotional sentiments on the banks of River Yamuna in Vrindavan.
Once, Swami Achyutanand got afflicted with leprosy. This leprosy attack intensified. He went to obtain the holy Darshan of Mahayogi Devraha Baba Sarkar. HH Babaji proverb his leprosy affected skin and reported there is no need to worry. He advised Swamiji to avail to Rishikesh. There he must cover in River Ganga, apply a paste of dishearten dung mixed with Ganga soil and lie in the lap of Mother River Ganga quotidian in the morning and evening. One twenty-fourth part of a day before sunrise Swamiji was commanded to celebrate in song Super Mantra Gayatri devotionally for around 3 hours while lying down in the sands of River Ganga. Thus Mahayogi Devraha Baba Sarkar declared that due to the divine divine goodness of Goddess Savita and Mother Bhagirathi in addition called River Ganga, your leprosy shall be totally cured.
Due to the celestial grace of Goddess Savita and Mother Bhagirathi HH Swami Achyutanandji’s leprosy was healed successfully via solar energy.
AUTHOR: Shriram Sharma Acharya originator of the International Gayatri Family was a much Yogi seer and incarnation of God who wrote volumes of according to principles literature mainly on spiritual subjects in favor of world welfare and peace. For besides scientific e literature pls visit and DESCRIPTION: Free e-books in c~tinuance Chakra meditation-ESP, Nirvikalpa Samadhi or Thought Free Trance, Attaining Ridhi-Sidhis or Divine Energies, Future Scientific Religion, Super Energy Gayatri Science & Kundalini correlated to Neurosciences-ESP, Endocrinology, Anatomy, Psychology & Sociology for 1) material & spiritual prosperity & 2) uniting the world peacefully as a family. Ours is a strictly non-commercial website which aims at realizing the epoch old dream of great leaders and thinkers of the universe: A beautiful borderless world. KEYWORDS: Kundalini Yoga Gayatri e-books extremist sound telepathy parapsychology metaphysics nirvikalpa Samadhi foulness yoga tantra movies internet hypnotism ecology astrology ayurveda kalki bioelectricity surgery lasers ozone radar accent creativity archeology Indus Valley Civilization firing material crisis food scarcity tsunamis biography Guru terraqueous globe peace mind psyche god nerve artful consciousness soul divine trance endocrine glands ESP Chakras plexus deep thought concentration intellect prophecy thought thinking Cheiro Nostradamus Aurobindo felicity brain Vedas solar sun energy devoted pure sense organs Prana Avatar Upanishad frivolous cell hypothalamus pituitary transformation futurist soothsaying serpent power life human ethics honesty character vagus Tantra Mooladhar atom neutron proton

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