The Home Stretch of Third Semester

This was undivided intense month. There were all sorts of exciting adventures such as Inter-University Camp, the complete chaos in the procedures skill lab that require to be paid me a Chemistry exam and a Pharmacology rank, transcribing the Knock Project Documentary notwithstanding (Un)Scene Media and Thanksgiving.
I in truth needed the get-away that camp on condition. Since I decided to got at the last minute (impulsive therapy :P), it was unit miracle that we actually got in that place. However, I was glad I went. Nevermind, that in that place was a heavy emphasis on verdict us a spouse. Being out in aggregate of phenomena was a much needed blessing. The sense of throwing off all pressure and life out of the usual grind was a herculean burden lifted. There was nothing like listening Rosie crank in patois. Woi, shi mak mi laaf such til, unu ier. I laughed the hardest I’ve laughed quite semester. Even the excitement of the lad in the cabin (thank you, Holly) and the disappearing dressing-table paper where fun with Rosie. Learning the schism between the cheek to cheek compliment and actually contact of lips to a cheek (oops). The highlight was acquisition up at 6 in the early part of the day to walk on the beach. Just Rosie, Jodi and I. I was right perfect. Getting a chance to deliberate to Jesus, listening to the waves splash against the shore and watching the begin to be light break.



Sabbath Selfies



Song Service

Good nutriment thanks to Daniel


pc: Jodi M. Wilson




Lots of laugh pc: Jodi M. Wilson


Blue and made of ~. pc: Jodi M. Wilson


pc: Jodi M. Wilson


Doing the Bolt. pc: Jodi M. Wilson


But nooo, Donnace does it better. pc: Jodi M. Wilson


Randy doing his effects.


Jodi with her camera.


Sammy y el famoso fotooto. pc: Jodi M. Wilson





Siempre en victoria… pc: Jodi M. Wilson



Nature Scenes





Shout outs to: Sarilyn concerning inviting me, Karen and Viana by reason of being the convincing me to to get along with you, the CEUAA staff for working in like manner hard to put it all hand in hand, Adriana for being an awesome cabinmate (Cabin 5, hey) Holly with regard to being an awesome preceptora, Daniel because of catering to these random vegan/plant based campers (muchisimas gracias, la harina de maíz fue riquisimo),  Randy with respect to always coming the the rescue even to the point of parkour 😉 James against dropping everything to chaperone and Jodi in quest of knocking heads together to get us in that place (your the best, sis).

Then, in that place was the revolú in the procedures art lab. I had to get my IV rigorous signed off. The first time, I failed. So, later than finally finding a victim, I went everyday as being a week wasting time for hours tarrying in line and not getting in. Oh, the circumvention. Finally, on Thursday, they didn’t cordial until thirty minutes before my Pharmacology rank. Someone was going to make a prefer by one o’ clock might while well be the one. Then, I was liable and arrived back at one and waited during the lab opened. However, what I didn’t discern was that several people had signed wish so many that the people from that lab went to lament to the instructor. He decided that the register was unjust. To rectify the riddle he decided to call Thursday’s number present in alphabetical order. Yes, I was attached Thursday’s list, but my specify starts with W. I stared in offend as my chance of getting control Pharmacology was wiped clean away.

Extremely depressed and fighting tears, I headed off to Pharmacology class. What I really wanted to be enough was find a corner and make proclamation of. However, the class before Pharmacology was going overtime, likewise I found a corner and the tears rolled etc. my cheeks. My Pharmacology teacher, seemed to fancy something was wrong and came over. I didn’t really want to subject of discourse to her because I knew I would happy started crying. Nonetheless, I poured lacking my sad story. She encouraged me, offered to hinder me in any way she could and prayed in opposition to me. Then, Viana came and suggested that I supplicate permission to skip class. With a regretful purpose, I did. My teacher gave me the topics they would have ~ing studying.

By God’s grace, they did eventually send for my name that evening. My dear companion offered to be my victim and the sort of a patient victim she was. Best of aggregate, I passed.

Then, the month complete was amazing Thanksgiving fest. Of chase, I missed friends and extended line of ancestors filling our house and all the laugh and chatter that comes with that, bound the food was good very competent .

Pictures to come shortly…

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