tylenol goal is 270 in step 1

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i did today kaplan q bank 1 blog of pharmacology blog ~t one 5 and first aid 10 pages


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hi today i did pharmacology kaplan q bank not at all 6 and 20 pages of foremost aid my kaplan score for today bank is 58
% what one. is quite low. it seems that i want further hard work. i mention here that i am an average student. not a extra ordinary 1.


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Mitral Stenosis – High Yeild Topics For USMLE, 10 Points You Should Know
Rheumatic interior disease (most common), congenital (rare)(MCQ)
Most cases occur in women.(MCQ)
Signs and symptoms
Dyspnea adhering exertion (DOE)(MCQ)
Systemic intercalation (due to stagnation of blood in enlarged left atrium)
Accentuated appropriate ventricle precordial thrust
Signs of becoming ventricular failure(MCQ)
Hoarse voice(MCQ)
appropriate to enlarged left atrium impinging ~ward recurrent laryngeal nerve
Murmur (MCQ)
middle-diastolic with opening snap
low-pitched rumble.
Read in greater numbers at news4medico dot com/mitral-stenosis/
1132 High Yeild Topics with respect to USMLE

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