Week 20: One class done!

This ended week wasn’t very eventful. We but had a quiz and a decisive exam this week (and they were the pair in pathophysiology), so I felt like I had a hospitable minute to just relax. It’s in the same manner nice to have one class completed.

Danielle and I took some time off of studying on Friday darkness to make tacos with our equal classmate Mary. It was nice to unwind for a few minutes. I in like manner discovered that adding blood orange protoxide of sodium to left over Pinot Noir (expressions of gratitude Sarah!) makes some really good sangria.

I’m for a like rea~n glad that this week is without more a two day week. I acquire a Clinical Medical exam on Hem/Onc tomorrow daybreak and my Cardiology physical exam knack practical on Tuesday. My thanksgiving batter will mostly consist of studying as far as concerns pharmacology and learning EKGs, but it power of determination definitely be nice to have five days without any classes.

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