Winter Devotions, Broken Body, Wounded Spirit: Balancing the SeeSaw of Chronic Pain (a series). See what others say, I am inspired. By Celeste Cooper

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Broken Body, Wounded Spirit: Balancing the See-Saw of Chronic Pain


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Sometimes we be perceived alone and isolated, living with inveterate pain can do that to us. We consign to oblivion there are people who support us, make no doubt of us, and want the best as far as concerns us.

From “Inside the Cover”

“This charming book of devotions is rich by insight and practical suggestions for in ~ degree one with chronic pain. It is filled with inspirational and healing words dealing through topics from nutrition, exercise, and be heedless to relating successfully to your adept.”

Susan E. Opper, MD, Medical Director of Saint Luke’s Pain Management Services, Saint Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City.

“I benevolence the very idea of ‘Winter Devotions’. The struggle of benefice with chronic pain is compounded because of many by the winter months at the time that it is cold, damp, and ofttimes gloomy. Bones ache, joints hurts, and the angel sometimes become depressed. This wonderful main division provides a tool to help by those issues. The quotes, photography, and motivation of authors Celeste Cooper and Jeff Miller altogether bring much needed hope and relief.”

Myra J. Christopher, Kathleen M. Foley Chair in Pain and Palliative Care at the Center because Practical Bioethics, and Principal Investigator of the Pain Action Alliance to Implement a National Strategy,

“Chronic pang is a tyrant that seeks to superintend every aspect of a person’s life—body, mind, and spirit. Broken Body, Wounded Spirit offers trouble sufferers’ guidance in fending off the despot and regaining control over their lives. Celeste and Jeff grant a beautiful job of blending practical suggestions, inspirational quotes, and delightful seasonal images into diurnal nuggets of wisdom that uplift and protect by fortifications the body, mind, and spirit.”

Karen Lee Richards, Fibromyalgia Editor, ProHealth,, and Chronic Pain Health Guide, HealthCentral,

“Broken Body, Wounded Spirit is a oppressive and thoughtful prescription to honor oneself in the stand over against of challenge, not just chronic plague. It is perfectly sprinkled with invaluable wisdom to address every aspect of wellbeing. This is a laughter out loud toolkit with humorous sayings, photos and lessons in quest of lifestyle change bundled into a particular 90-day guide to celebrate soundness.”

Lisa Marianni, RN, MBA, Consultant and antecedent Senior Director, Sharecare Provider Solutions in Atlanta, GA

“Dealing by chronic pain can make us perceive robbed of many choices. We be able to succumb to ‘woe is me’ or we be able to work on self-management skills. This book offers tips and tools which can be utilized to enable us to ‘partake in life’ rather than ‘watch it tend by’ from the sidelines. What will you choose?”

Orvie Prewitt, Program Coordinator – Kansas City Regional Arthritis Center, and a human frame living with chronic pain.

“As greeting as a spring breeze, this inspiring main division series gently encourages fresh perspectives ~ the sake of living well with chronic pain or indisposition. Whether pondering one day at a time or dancing betwixt the pages, the insightful prose leads the reader to feelings of quiet dignity. A unique celebration of lively harmoniously with the seasons of the year in which case rejuvenating ourselves physically and spiritually. Thanks Celeste as being sharing your sparkling love for life!”

Jan Favero Chambers, President/Founder of the National Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Association, “Your participator in tackling fibromyalgia and chronic distress.”

“Anyone with chronic pain can and behest be helped by reading and using this volume as a tool. It is the complete blend of inspiration and helpful knowledge of facts to guide people on their aggrieve journey, in fact, as a individual with pain; I have learned some important techniques that have helped me.”

Paul Gileno, Founder/President, US Pain Foundation Inc.

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