Ya learn something new everyday

I good-will friends. Friends are people who discern you and love you anyway. I regard been blessed to have a hardly any awesome people in my life, numerous company of whom have taught me something.

I’ve experienced; breaking in to a barn is easier than you would deliberate, driving a stick is easier at what time you have to because everyone besides has had a bit too abundant fun at the pub, yellow is not my pervert, and time and distance mean in some degree in real friendships. 

That is for what cause I try to listen to my friends….the very precious education! 

So when a very good friend of mine, who is likewise a nurse, suggested that I try volatile oils with Audrey, I feel appalling for not listening. At the pinnacle, Audrey was on 14 different medications. Hardcore pack like Phenobarbital for seizures, Ativan, Morphine, Valium….the ~el goes on. Fourteen. Let that dwindle in…..14 meds. She was ~ amount than 20 pounds and less than a year antiquated. At least 5 of those medications were to cross the side effects of the other at minutest 9. It became a vicious circle of time and ultimately took their toll up~ the body her tiny body. 

I knew in the same state much about Audrey. I would repeatedly be mistaken for a nurse and could custom toe to toe with neurologists and ~ly other specialists that attended our infant. girl. I became a walking desktop pharmacology reference book for synthetic medication. I was back modern medicine and put all my eggs in the prescript refill basket. 

I knew what drug was for what issue, in what condition to administer, side effects, drug interactions, etc….otherwise than that I had no idea how they worked. I feared viruses since I thought drugs can rarely, suppose that ever, kill them. And if they terminate you have to be concerned relative to mutation and drug resistance. There is a intellect they call it “practicing medicine.” 

Then it every one of came down to a rash. A unadorned, painless rash that I fought in Emily’s diaper superficial contents for over 6 months. Over the calculator creams couldn’t touch it, and it frustrated her pediatrician. He had prescribed c~ing 6 different creams in 2 months. Each some required an office visit (read: $20 co-pay), the struggle of lugging a toddler into the bureau and waiting for hours only to have existence  sold given a different choice part that never worked. God love him, he tried! It certainly wasn’t towards lack of caring. He was strictly stumped. Finally, we ended up putting her forward a strong antibiotic AND and anti fungal. Two sundry oral medications, both with a laundry catalogue of side effects. But what sparing did I have!? The rash was spreading contemptuous opposition my best efforts and Mommy had to gain over! 

Luckily, the medications worked. Which human being, you ask? I have no indication since she was on 2 at the corresponding; of like kind time. I do know that the unwary disappeared after about 4 days…solely to return 3 weeks later! The espouse a cause effects of the medication were not facetious and I’ll spare you the bloody details. Let’s just say my lavation machine was constantly running that week. So did the medication aid? Yes and no. Sure her hasty was gone, but it took a impost on her body with no constant fix. The next step was a referral to a dermatologist! Phone in pass by ~, our doctor called. I’m exhilarating now that I was too agile to ever set up that stipulation!!

When the rash appeared again, we had just moved to another state. The hubby had a modern job and was on a trade trip for a week to Washington, D.C. I was ALONE through 5 kids; no sitter, no friends complete by, alone. There was naught chance of me dragging all 5 kids into the teacher unless someone was bleeding. So I took a befall! Amazon came to the rescue!! I took a dagger-stroke in the dark and went with the only information about essential oils I knew. Tea tree oil was antibacterial. If it was the antibiotic that fixed the inconsiderate, maybe tea tree oil could second. Prime 2-day shipping later and a ointment arrived laced with tea tree oil, a.k.a. melaleuca. Within a 7 days the unwary was gone! No upset tummy, in ~ degree refusals to eat..not a vocable! She even ran every night to breed her cream. I used it 3-4 epochs a day at diaper changes and.it.worked. No adept. No pharmacy. No side effects. I was sold. 

Then my friend’s words came back to me and I wished I would bear listened. But I have learned! I take learned that drug manufacturers are calamitous to copy nature and harness the endowment of these amazing plants, adding chemicals and fillers and wining and dining doctors to push their drugs. Are wholly prescription and over-the-counter medications unwelcome? No way! There is a large place for modern medicine in our the community. But I have waited through enough mix with ~s commercials as they list their not at any time-ending side effects and possible interactions to be assured of there has to be a in a superior manner way. And there is! 

I’m discovering renovated wonders each day. I want to divide them with you….person to person, mom to mom, friend to intimate. I want to help you restore your kids. To know we be able to help their bodies heal themselves and set off healthier and stronger for it. 

This week I longing to share a rock star connective. On this site you can touchy reference oils and ailments. Not each oil will work for every person, contempt the same ailment. That is wherefore several are listed and suggested ways to conversion to an act them. Carve out some time looking at this site. The education is amazing! 

As always, share with friends and loved ones. I’ll be blogging more on oils, Mommyhood and life thus stay tuned. 

If you’re screaming “me likewise, me too” at your screen not crooked now, then you can go here to grip suddenly some of your very own. 

It is PAST time you got the same if you don’t before that time have one.

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