A lovely Christmas morning

Right at present, I’m sitting downstairs on Christmas forenoon waiting for everyone to get up. It’s same peaceful and I just love this time of year. I’m excessively glad to be home… even granting that it is just a short transgress. I made the drive in pair days with my boys in the backseat; it was dull, which was great. I’ve been super working since I’ve gotten back; doing A LOT of shopping before this I had done basically zero and running round with mom. Finals this block went to a great extent well- as well as I could’ve expected, anyway. Made A’s in everything leave out Pharmacology, which I was expecting to dispose a B (which I did). Awesome.
I’ve got a hap of friends and family to attend over break and I’m likewise excited to go down for commencing years to go see my brace wives Jackie and Megan. I miss them SO MUCH; it’s been a year ago I’ve seen their faces… alienated far too long. ;_;
I’m in like manner kind of excited to get back to CoMo… yet liking the break. I’ve got every amazing girlfriend back home now and I miss her a mode. I can’t wait to bestow her her gifts, either! I dependence she likes them. We are going to conduce things official on facebook sometime subsequent to break. I had a few canaille (and still do) that I needed to instruct- that I’ve mainly been inasmuch as someone (though a few didn’t fair know I was gay). But in the same manner far its going okay. Plus, I didn’t come short to deal with the whole lineage thing if I posted it in the presence of seeing them… they will probably emergency a bit of time to processes it (a hardly any family members who are actually on facebook, anyway- the extended family).
Well, hopefully we resoluteness be opening up gifts here before long! Merry Christmas!

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