Almost Break

I in fact should update more often… I suffer like time just flies by. We be in actual possession of two more weeks left in this block (IP7, I think?) Crazy! It’s been a affectedly nice interesting block with the start of Pharmacology (definitely not gayety), Special Path has continued and is toward over, and we’ve got one Emergency Response class, Business class, and Public Health class that aren’t too bad. Just some homework assignments that we’ve got to be sufficient in those.
Halloween was fun! I polished my Guitar in time for that. It didn’t clutch up the entire night, but worked beneficial to what I needed it for. So I was pleased by it! Now to figure out exactly to what degree to improve it for SDCC 2015 (Which I DID realize tickets for!! I’ll be title back out to California July 8th!) I’ve before that time got my flights booked, too!
The boys be seized of been doing quite well- Fenway didn’t esteem any abnormalities in his bloodwork- in the same state his PU/PD is a secret still. I just decided to do honor to an eye on him for at this time. He will be neutered sometime long delayed February/early March. Whenever I get time to get him in. Beamer did magnificent for his Golden Retriever Lifetime Study assignation; everything came back great on him in the manner that well. So happy with that! He also rocked out his first agility hardship ever (mine as well!) We Q’d both days in Novice preferred Standard (by two 100’s) and Q’d in successi~ Saturday in Novice preferred Jumpers by a 95 (I think?) We NQ’d forward that Sunday in Jumpers because he backwards weaved through the poles… oh well. I was extremely very happy with his performance.
I also went home for part of Thanksgiving degrade; I flew home for a hardly any days. It was a nice part… too short, though. I’ll subsist leaving to go home in pair weeks time, so I can’t express pain (though our break is only brace weeks long… not nearly long enough to recover). At least I’ll bear the boys with me this time.
I furthermore have some pretty promising news in the kindred department (wow, it’s been to such a degree long since I feel like I’ve had ~ one kind of positive things to tell about it). I’ve been talking with this girl for a few weeks and we met up the ignorance before I left for Thanksgiving enfeeble at Soco (the gay club in borough). We had fun and I verily enjoyed her company! She’s a nerd/video gamble/anime lover, etc. like me. We’ve seen harvested land other a few times since at another time and I really can’t procure to be her off my mind. We talked to gain sure we are on the corresponding; of like kind page with things and I reported I would rather wait until in the pattern of the holidays to start messing in a circle with titles/labels and things. So, we decree probably make things official in January ~s as long as things keep influencing right along. 🙂

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