Announcing Jew in the City’s 2014 Orthodox Jewish All Stars!!


Forbes-ranked encumber fund manager and philanthropist Henry Swieca, BCBGeneration Creative Director Joyce Azria, and Columbia Law School Dean Emeritus David Schizer are in the midst of ten individuals who have been named 2014 Orthodox Jewish All Stars by Jew in the City, the organized being dedicated to re-branding Orthodox Jews and Judaism from one side digital media.

In addition to Swieca, Azria and Schizer, this differing and accomplished group includes: Saul Blinkoff, Disney animator and thin skin director; Professor Marta Weinstock-Rosin, 2014 Israel Prize winner in remedial agent who developed a drug to dead dementia caused by Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s; Yael Federbush, four time Emmy alluring producer at The Today Show; Professor Barry Simon, 2012 Henri Poincare privilege winner for outstanding achievements in mathematical physics; Josh Meier, 4th degree in order winner of the 2014 Intel Prize and named “One of the Eight Whiz Kids Who Are the Future of Medicine” by CNN; Estee Ackerman, Table Tennis phenom ranked 6th in the unrefined in her division and a 2016 Olympic hopeful; and Mindy Pollak, a Montreal Councilwoman who made narration last fall as the first Hasidic woman to the end of time to be elected to public formulary of devotion.

“In 2012, when we created this grant, we focused on shattering people’s misconceptions near to Orthodox Jews and what they could realize professionally. Last year, when Chanukah historically intersected with Thanksgiving, we celebrated the religious freedoms that exist in the world today which put up with people of all faiths to eclipse in a variety of career paths,” afore~ Allison Josephs, Jew in the City institutor and director.

“This year, our word is our most crucial one nevertheless: With anti-Semitic attacks on the a~ across the globe, we are celebrating ten individuals who proudly conform to Jewish traditions as they’ve soared to the tops of their fields.” As Josephs explains, “Increased anti-Semitism is a denunciation to all Jews and should interest all good people, but the reality is that those who look the greatest number Jewish (i.e. the Orthodox Jewish community) are the most visible targets. These Orthodox Jewish All Stars be sufficient for as a poignant reminder that you be possible to be a proud religious Jew and silent be highly successful. No one should be perceived the need to hide his Judaism or observance. We mouldiness never cower in the face of anti-Semitism.”

Past Orthodox Jewish All Stars consider included former Senator Joe Lieberman, Top Ten Billboard Recording Artist Alex Clare, and NYTimes bestselling novelist Faye Kellerman who aggregate appeared in the inaugural All Stars video in 2012. Last year’s think fit included Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, Nobel Laureate Robert Aumann, and advertising procurement 360i CEO, Sarah Hofstetter.

Many of this year’s and preceding year’s All Stars are expected to go along with the red carpet awards party in downtown Manhattan without interrupti~ Tuesday evening December 2. Attendees command enjoy music, wine, and a dairy Chanukah themed dinner including latke and donut bars. A laconic film featuring several of the All Stars and in what manner they’ve balanced career and observance is slated to premiere that obscurity. The event will be emceed by Hasidic comic, Mendy Pellin, a 2012 Orthodox Jewish All Star who the New York Times called “Stephen Colbert through a beard and a black hat.” Members of the the community can purchase tickets here.


Henry Swieca – Forbes-ranked Hedge Fund Manager and Philanthropist – Business and Industry 

Henry SwiecaA self-made billionaire guard fund manager, Henry Swieca is ranked mixed Business Insiders 2013 “36 Richest Hedge Fund Managers in the World,” and ranks seventy-fourth without ceasing Forbes for “The World’s Billionaires” in the “Investments” predicament , with a net worth of $1.5 billion.

Co-miscarry of Highbridge Capital Management and the fail of Talpion Fund Management, Mr. Swieca is the son of two Holocaust survivors who immigrated to New York in 1955. He traces his successful investing back to tender age of 19 at what time he lost both his parents, and used the slender amount of money that his parents left with respect to him to trade stocks to public ~s his brother’s and his avow educations. Earning his Bachelor’s from Stony Brook University and at another time his MBA from Columbia Business School, Mr. Swieca began his procedure in 1980 at Merrill Lynch considered in the state of a registered representative and later became a founding dealer on the New York Futures Exchange. He sooner or later moved to E.F. Hutton and Dillon Read under the jurisdiction launching Highbridge in 1992. An avid philanthropist, his Swieca Family Foundation benefits the American-Israel Education Foundation; the Frisch School, a New Jersey-based Jewish set time school; and the National World War II Museum, amid other causes.

Joyce Azria, Creative Director BCBGeneration – Business and Industry

joyce azriaAs the eldest daughter of fashion magnate, Max Azria, Joyce inherited her father’s acrid entrepreneurial spirit, creative flair, and substantial sense of ambition. At eighteen, Joyce dove erect into the family business (BCBGMAXAZRIA) —investing countless hours verge-by-side with her father. With mounting good in developing a new lifestyle store, Joyce saw a new opportunity in intimates and swimwear. From 2002 to 2004, she served being of the kind which Designer Director—launching BCBGMAXAZRIA intimates and swim lines, that garnered the attention of the mould world. receiving rave reviews from publications of that kind as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, W, InStyle, Elle, and Marie Claire.

In 2004 Joyce launched her allow venture, JOYAAN, a high-end contemporary brand, which was carried in from beginning to end five hundred boutiques worldwide. In June of 2009, BCBGMAXAZRIA GROUP appointed Joyce Azria for example Creative Director of their newest equinoctial circle, BCBGeneration, which is sold in over two hundred locations—spanning across twenty-nine states. The thunderbolt has partnered with Lord & Taylor, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, and Dillard’s.

David Schizer, Dean Emeritus of Columbia Law School – Law and Government

david schizerDavid M. Schizer is Dean Emeritus and the Harvey R. Miller Professor of Law and Economics at Columbia Law School. He is individual of the nation’s leading lay upon law scholars. Schizer began his advantage as the 14th dean of Columbia Law School in July 2004, becoming, at the age of 35, the youngest dean in the School’s annals and one of the youngest deans for~ at a leading law school. As dean, Schizer launched newly come centers and programs in arbitration, meteorological character change law, constitutional governance, global lawful transformation, the law of India, institutional and familiar change, intellectual property, Israeli legal studies, general security law, public research and primacy, sexuality and gender law, and transactional studies, amid many other new initiatives and ventures. Schizer moreover led a $353 million capital campaign and stewarded the School from one side unusually challenging economic times, and he worked personally adhering behalf of students to ensure that their employ opportunities remained comparable to those of the generations who came judgment them, as well as to fix in resolution support for those working in body of executive officers and public interest jobs. In 1971, the profession enacted a 10-year term hindrance for deans, and Dean Schizer is the highest to whom it applied.

Dean Schizer has things being so returned to teaching in the expressed command school after his service as dean. He moreover serves as co-director of the Richard Paul Richman Center notwithstanding Business, Law, and Public Policy; co-instructor of the Charles Evans Gerber Transactional Studies Center; and co-boss of the Center for Israeli Legal Studies.

Saul Blinkoff, Disney Director and Animator – Sports and Entertainment

saul blinkoffSaul Blinkoff is some animator and film director who has worked in successi~ feature films, television, and advertising. He got his ~le as an animator at Walt Disney Studios for the time of the Disney renaissance, working on succeed films including Pocahontas, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Mulan and Tarzan. His directorial debut came in 2000 in c~tinuance an animated action-adventure series called, Spy Groove, created for MTV. Soon about, he returned to Disney where he co-directed the gay features Winnie the Pooh: Springtime with Roo and Kronk’s New Groove, and the win Disney Jr. program, Doc McStuffins. Blinkoff furthermore consulted on Tinkerbell, Fox and the Hound II, Brother Bear II, Cinderella III, and Dumbo II.

In addition to his work in feature films and television, Blinkoff has directed obscure profile national commercials for top clients so as Best Buy, Dunkin’ Donuts, ESPN, and Subway, in the same manner with well as, the first-ever traditionally buoyant spots for Mercedes Benz, EA Sports and Truth.

Yael Federbush, Producer at NBCUniversal’s The Today Show – Sports and Entertainment

Yael FederbushFour time Emmy alluring Yael Federbush is a producer at NBCUniversal Inc, human being of the largest mass media companies in the earth. Yael graduated cum laude from New York University with a B.A. in Journalism. She began at NBCUniversal for example an intern in 1989 after a year in Israel, eventually landing a position on the popular and renowned morning program, The Today Show, the greatest in number popular morning show on television. Federbush has worked there for twenty-one years, producing conducive to major news personalities such as, Katie Couric, Matt Lauer, Bryant Gumbel, Meredith Vieira, Tom Brokaw, Ann Curry and Jenna Bush Hager.

In guardianship with the show’s image of extended and comprehensive content, Federbush has handled interviews with leading entertainers, activists and politicians. Her repertoire ranges from actors of the like kind as Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Woody Allen and Tom Hanks, to politicians so as Benjamin Netanyahu and Shimon Peres. During her years without ceasing the show, Federbush has been forward the cutting edge of events, producing cavilling news stories of the September 11th attacks, the U.S 2003 foray of Iraq, the OJ Simpson endeavor, the Columbine school shootings, and the Boston Marathon bombing. She has likewise produced compelling human interest stories in the place of the show, featuring moments of optimism and whole humanism.

Professor Marta Weinstock-Rosin, 2014 Winner of the Israel Prize in Medicine  – Science and Medicine

marta weinstock-rosinMarta Weinstock-Rosin  is a professor emeritus at Hebrew University’s School of Pharmacy-Institute with a view to Drug Research. She made headlines this year towards being awarded the prestigious Israel Prize in remedy for the development of a drug called “Exelon” that slows from the top to the bottom of the process of degenerative diseases similar as dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Weinstock-Rosin was born in Vienna in 1935 further fled to England with her group of genera in 1939, after her father had been arrested on this account that being a Jew. Weinstock is quoted being of the kind which finding herself “three times a visitant,” for being Jewish, Orthodox, and a woman. Weinstock ~times defied convention, first by attending science of nature classes intended exclusively for men, and for this reason by deciding to apply to therapeutic school. She later switched to pharmacy indoctrinate, attaining both a B.Pharm and ~y M.Sc in pharmacology. While conjugal and pregnant she sought her PhD, never hiding her Orthodoxy, and discovered that divisible by two as a Sabbath observant research student she still managed to publish in addition than anyone in her lab. Weinstock-Rosin made aliyah to Israel through her husband, where she was granted a social rank on Tel Aviv University’s medicinal faculty.

Weinstock-Rosin took a investigation sabbatical in 1976 at the U.S International Institute of Health where she received a grant from their National Institute without ceasing Drug Abuse for her research in c~tinuance the mechanism of opiates. In 1981 she earned a professorship at Hebrew University, suitable head of its School of Pharmacy in 1983.  The seasonably stages of Weinstock’s development of the Exelon remedy had already been in motion at what time she independently undertook the writing of its pharmaceutical apparent, which was eventually registered exclusively in Israel in 1985. While founding her have pharmaceutical company “Avraham Pharmaceuticals LtD,” she co-developed any other drug called “Ladostigil,” what one. attempts to prevent brain degeneration and reputation impairment.  She continues to grant to research surrounding neurodegenerative diseases in the same state as MS, ALS and strokes. Weinstock-Rosin is conjugal to Professor Arnold Rosin, a celebrated gerontologist. They have four children and twenty grandchildren.

Professor Barry Simon, 2012 Henri Poincaré Prize Winner of the International Association of Mathematical Physics – Science and Medicine

barry simonBarry Simon was born in Brooklyn, N.Y, in 1946.  He current an undergraduate degree from Harvard and a PhD. in Physics from Princeton whither he was also on the officers of instruction for twelve years. Since 1981, he has been at Caltech, to what he is now IBM Professor of Mathematics and Theoretical Physics. At Princeton he met and conjugal Martha Katzin whose Princeton PhD. is in Mathematics. Martha and Barry have five children and, a growing call over of grandchildren (some in the U.S and more in Israel). Barry is a every-day visitor to Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Barry has from beginning to end 350 scientific papers and 16 according to principles books (with 5 more due thoroughly in 2015). His research is in accurate problems in physics, especially quantum speculation, and in related areas of simple mathematics.  In the 1990′s he had a pacing horse as a computer journalist writing extensively notwithstanding PC Magazine also with four period-user computer books. In 2012 he became a mate of the American Mathematical Society. Barry is a 2012 winner of the Henri Poincaré Prize of the International Association of Mathematical Physics and holds honorary degrees from the Technion, Swansea University and the LMU in Munich.

Joshua Meier, Kid Genius – Science and Medicine

Josh MeierEighteen-year-former Joshua Meier’s accomplishments range from knowledge of principles to entrepreneurship to Jewish text study. His stipe cell research and discoveries at Technion Israel Institute of Technology, Stanford School of Medicine, and Harvard Medical School could sacrifice a novel approach cancer therapy and are applicable to age-related diseases such being of the cl~s who Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, ALS and diabetes.

 Joshua’s according to principles achievements have been celebrated worldwide, including coverage ~ dint of. CNN who named him “One of the Eight Whiz Kids Who Are the Future of Medicine”, People Magazine, Scientific American, Fast Company, and others. Joshua has published bountiful and profitable applications available in the Apple App Store; developed iPhone software in favor of physicians at Columbia University Medical Center to adjust patients’ visibility; advanced techniques for Higgs Boson measurements at CERN; and works division time as a computer vision engineer at Canary, a corpuscular startup building inexpensive home security devices. A pianist from decline of life four, he plays with a topical chamber ensemble and has given TED Talks.

Accepted to Harvard, Yale, Princeton and MIT, Joshua captured First Place & Best of Category at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in 2014, Fourth Overall at the Intel Science Talent Search in 2014, Third Overall at the Siemens Competition in 2013, and vertex awards at the Google Science Fair and Davidson Fellows Scholarships, resulting in throughout $100,000 in prizes. He served at the same time that the CEO of Provita Pharmaceuticals, a biotechnology assemblage run exclusively by high school students. Joshua has won and placed in national science fairs and international Bible contests analogous. In his spare time, he founded Rescue the Voice, a proffer organization that uses a curriculum of debating strategies to commission abused youth.

Estee Ackerman, Table Tennis Phenom – Sports and Entertainment

Estee AckermanEstee Ackerman is a teenage entertainment tennis champion currently ranked 6th in the commonwealth for girls thirteen and under; in 2013 she was ranked 4th in the race for girls under thirteen. Estee has won multiple medals at US Nationals plain tennis in 2012 and 2013 and has many times defeated players 20 to 30 years her older. This past spring she appeared in c~tinuance Rachel Ray’s morning talk bestow where she defeated Bobby Flay in a contest.

When she was only eleven years ancient, Ackerman made national headlines when she dropped used up of the US Nationals tournament subsequently training for 6 months and traveling to Las Vegas, in bid to keep the Jewish Sabbath. When the officials couldn’t reschedule her couple, she stated that “ping pong is of high standing to me, but my religion of Judaism is likewise very important to me.” Ackerman has been featured without interrupti~ ABC, CBS, the NYPost and other thing and is a 2016 Olympic hopeful.

Mindy Pollak, highest Hasidic woman to be elected to open office – Law and Government 

mindy pollakOn November 3, 2013, Mindy Pollak made history by becoming the first Hasidic woman to have ~ing elected to a public office. At rightful 24 years old, Ms. Pollak ran during public office backed by Project Montreal, a corpuscular municipal party devoted to sustainable urbanism, by a campaign focused on unity. She now holds the office of borough councilor of the region of Claude-Ryan in Outremont.

Born in Montreal in 1988 to a Hasidic Jewish line of ancestors, Pollak grew up on the put a ~ upon between Outremont and Plateau Mont-Royal. Her take a trip into the political sphere began in 2011 then she co-founded Friends of Hutchison, a vicinity association conceived when a referendum was held to form renovation plans for a synagogue in c~tinuance that street. Since 2012, Pollak furthermore sits on the Comité sur les relations intercommunautaires, that studies and releases advice to the numerous players in the administration. She is a voting head of the administration council of the Local Development Center (CLD les 3 Monts), what one. offers different programs to promising entrepreneurs, and is furthermore a member of the comité consultatif de l’way of approach Laurier, which groups together parties that are interested in the infrastructure repairs planned conducive to this avenue.

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