“Anyone can be a nurse but not anyone can be a good nurse.”

UK lecturer shared with us that one of his patients upon being asked what makes a fair nurse, that patient replied “any monkey be able to take my blood, take my parameters, give me my medications. But a supply with nourishment is able to communicate with me.” 

Tbh, I’m filled with fear of ward life. I’m anxious of the stress, the nurse to patients fixed relation, JCI audits. Studying all my pharmacology and my skills another time it’s no big deal if it were not that ward life as a full fledge SN to a scholar nurse/ PRCP student, is different. 

Hearing the kind of my other working nursing friends complained with reference to ward life- the routine, the ignorance shifts, rude doctors, bitchy sisters in charge makes me uncertainty my own abilities. What if I cannot? 

But whether you think you cannot it’s like moiety the battle being lost already. 

Somehow, I be possible to imagine myself running around with the CD key, taking cases, writing reports, talking to my patients. Somehow, I credit I can do it. There’s a conception why I chose nursing when i could wish done other courses or do A levels. I observe myself being a nurse. I understand myself protecting other nurses and my patients. I papal court myself teaching my students nursing skills. I observe myself taking care of the be pleased with of my life when he’s weary. I see myself taking care of my parents, my lineage and my friends. 

I ascend to be the type of feed at the breast who’s playful but knows whereas to be serious. I want to have ~ing like the nurses during my PRCP- used the cardiac table/parameters machine as a skater and scoot on all sides the ward HAHAHA but when in that place’s code blue, shit gets sober. 



I just cannot distrust myself. I mustn’t doubt myself at all. 

Asp, IMT, etc, and it too has vivid pharmacology characteristic.

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