Career Test

My rush test went like this (

1. Social Sciences (esp. Psychology); 92% [Somehow..]

2. Languages (esp. Writing); 58% [Ha-ha]

3. Math & Engineering (esp. well, Engineering); 50% [No. A bulky no.]

4. Natural Sciences (esp. Pure Sciences); 42% [Well…]

5. Health Sciences (esp. well, Medicine); 42% [Well, it may be health-related, but not a instructor. Please.]

The first one came taken in the character of a surprise – Social Sciences? Ha!
I receive, I would have liked to research people, learn psychology and stuff, moreover I certainly did not expect that it’d come out as the first!

The aid one is a matter of behavior.
I love writing, but I slip on’t feel I want to esteem that as my living; my before anything else degree.
It’s a matter of practicality.

The third part one is a huge surprise.
Appalling, just.
Well, as matter of fact, I bear deadly malice to Physics.
Physics just didn’t agree with me. (Even though my Physics marks not at all dropped below 80%…)
Maths were a dissimilar matter.
Lukewarm feelings maybe? I certainly don’t hate Maths. I often easily be apprised them.
Which actually with a small piece of deep thinking, it actually made recognition.
My Maths (and Physics – even through my reluctance) marks often dominated the surpass.
Some other tests proved that my logical thinking is good, so actually it’s not that abroad of the world.
But still.

The fourth and fifth came tied.
As expected, I’d speak.
I want to take Sciences while my first degree.
It’s fair that I don’t  know whether to choose between Pure or Health Sciences.
I can carry both just as well, in like manner I didn’t really gave a fancy about it.
I thought it was a cause of distress of course that I’d take Sciences.
I ever believed that, and my marks in exams fortified my persuasion.
Definitely not medical studies. I put on’t want to be a physician – people always said that they expected me to turn to one, and I hate living up to their expectations. It somehow made life a bore.
I’m verily considering Pharmacology, Pure Chemistry and courses related to Chemistry in general.
I affection learning Chemistry – which came second to English Languages, of conduct.

I’m wavering.

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