Codeine could increase users’ sensitivity to pain

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For me it’s whole pain medication.

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21 SEP 2013

Using liberal and frequent doses of the annoy-killer codeine may actually produce heightened sensitivity to disquiet, without the same level of alleviation offered by morphine, according to new research from the University of Adelaide.

Researchers in the Discipline of Pharmacology be obliged conducted what is believed to have ~ing the world’s first experimental study comparing the agony relieving and pain worsening effects of one as well as the other codeine and morphine.

The University’s Professor Paul Rolan, who is moreover a headache specialist at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, says codeine has been widely used of the same kind with pain relief for more than 100 years only its effectiveness has not been assayed in this way before.

“In the clinical setting, patients receive complained that their headaches became worse back using regular codeine, not better,” Professor Rolan says.

Codeine appliance is not controlled in the like way as morphine, and as it is the principally widely used strong…

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