Dangerous Ideologies II: The Psychobabble Quack Cult


I am one Anarchist doctor historian with a PhD in History, notwithstanding currently unemployed. My doctoral concentrations were in Latin America, Colonialism, Cultural Anthropology, History of Capitalism, Religious History, Medical History and Thanatology, (Death Studies). I also write in Castellano and Français. I require traveled around the world and require lived in various cities around the earth. mostly in Europe and in the Americas. I am one artist, painter and welder. I served four years in the US army as a non-combattant, and I am a gun owner. I shoot often with friends lacking in the western desert.

We are in like manner would always seeing some laundry declare on unpronounceable harsh chemicals on your cosmetics that it’s unstudied to assume these are okay to utilise regularly.

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