DAY 14: Chimezie

Ex-ex-roomie, confidant and gist partner! 🙂
Its difficult to imagine 320 days have gone by… SO FAST

It started excellent much the same way the antecedent year did… Professional exam (PROS) is arrival soon ghen ghen and what was yet unseen was how I  was gonna pass the mighty …. PHARMACOLOGY  PROS!

Well pros did reach and go and I’m nice things turned out the way they did. Honestly, I wouldn’t  possess had it any other way.

Looking back at the days accomplished, there’s so much to be thankful for.

Home… The beauteous place I  go to clear my coryphaeus.
My partners in crime… Oge, Ola, Oyin I take for granted thank you for all the days I felt like putting one out-of-order sticker on my brass . Its always so much fun been through you guys… ALABAM
Dozie, imokhai… What have power to i say. You guys are stupendous.
My new found friends… Damaged kidneys team members y’entirely have  made the  postings more passable, I  can’t forget our cheese-like discussions. So much laughter I awe how we ever get any moil done.

As this year dwindles to some end, I  pray to see the arrival year with y’all and I can’t aid but  imagine an even better 2015, any filled with God’s uncommon facilitate,peace, good health, love, joy and well-being

P. S
Pero just so you know…. YOU LIED OO
All the don’t worry talks in 400L you would make ~y
2 months to go and I’m besides to take a moment’s pause.
Thank you also for being so a good friend… Few proper people still exist.

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