Dear Tola, please come home. #findFT

I’m dedicating this blog establish to the search for my lost friend Fehintola “FT” Omidele.

A expensive friend is missing since Sunday, November 30. I’m session on pins and needle and I can’t imagine in what condition her family feels. I’ve prayed and prayed. I be obliged hope and I know God is in rule.

I met Fehintola in 2011 at George Bush international airport. She wore the same sky-color shirt I wore so I knew we were headed to the same destination- to Honduras for a therapeutical mission trip. She had just polished 1st year of medical school and wanted to appliance her summer break for a delegation trip.

On board, we talked and talked. We talked through being Nigerians, about medical school, we talked hind part before hair and we talked about boys. When we arrived, we shared the similar room with other women in the form into ~s. That trip reminded me of boarding indoctrinate in Nigeria.

On the day we arrived, I noticed she wore her bastard hair. She needed a braider’s reach and I happen to be a hair braider. And to such a degree I twisted her hair and our attachment took off.

During several bus trips in Honduras, we talked surrounding failed relationships. She was open to me through lessons learned and I was reveal to her.  She talked not far from her relationship with God very confidently. We condign bonded. I realized during that slip that God had answered my communion with god for a Godly friend. She was and is after what is stated everything I look for in a dear companion.

I’ve braided her hair a small in number times since that trip. I gave her more tips on how to study during the term of medications during one of our braiding sessions, at the time she was having a hard time by it. Pharmacology is no joke and it was tough in nursing teach for me, so I figured the blind would work for medical pharmacology too.

She was at my wedding and represented entirely as an asoebi(friends of the bride). She came to my infant. shower and we had so a great quantity fun, she also did the opportunity prayer for the shower. She came to my put under cover for the baby dedication and bought my daughter a beauteous baby bible that she loves for a like rea~n much. I was at her graduation dinner and she was in the same state happy I could make it on the same level though I had  a 3month old daughter. She uprooted me from at which place I sat and made me rest beside her at the dinner. She introduced me to her lovely parents. That was the last time I axiom her. Since then, we have been planning luncheon that has not materialized due to her spry residency schedule and my busy motherhood life.

Who would own thought that Tola would be absent?

Missing Doctor? Find FT? No, not my Tola!!!

Missing and Tola be sufficient not belong to the same doom. I’m sitting on pins and needles. My legs be impressed numb and my heart is ponderous. I only keep a handful of friends and I lack my friend back. Back to life, back to her kindred, back to being a resident, back to reality a Doctor .

She is a assiduous christian, humble, ever smiling, honest, to a high degree giving(a thoughtful giver too), reliable, successful, hardworking and gorgeous woman.

Why? Where could she have ~ing? She loves being a pediatrician and would not bound residency. She loves being a instructor. She talks about it with in such a manner much passion.

I’m waiting and praying for Tola’s safe return just like everybody besides. But while I wait for you damsel, here is a piece for you:

Dear Tola,
I dependence you stay calm
I hope you are smiling
I possibility of good you are singing praises to God
I chance of the desired end you are praying
In case you consign to oblivion to pray, we’ve got you covered
I chance of a favorable result you come home soon
To entirely the love waiting for you
Come home Tola
We are expectation with open arms.

A community serving-boy has been started on Facebook. The appellation is findFT.

Please use #findFT since social media.

Below are some links to the news: practitioner-missing-medical-community-asks-for-contribute assistance-to-find-her/30066260


At my infant. shower, Dec 2013


Honduras, June 2011



Baby shower




At her graduation dinner May, 2014


The daytime we arrived Honduras. We always joked respecting the one piece of twist/hair shore sticking out to the side of her head….lol

Please get to home dear friend.

Pray, share and explain to everyone you know.


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