“You may start your exam.”

My heart pounding, I set about to look over my math final; the test that will make or tear asunder me, so far as being a nursing close examiner is concerned.

One row down from me, I taint her: my classmate who ever such slyly pulls out a highlighted memorandum card from the right pocket of her jacket. I watch her place it in her fold, and begin the conversion portion of the exam. 

Adrenaline shoots from one side me; I turn to my classmate in disbelief; she too looks stunned. I kick the house of the girl sitting in face of me. Weeks prior, she had asked me to supply moral support as she told the nursing faculty of what she had witnessed during our last math exam: a close examiner cheating with a well placed note card. They were bound: Unless they themselves witnessed the not merely supposed or fancied event, there was literally nothing they could make. 

My classmate whispers “Tell her!” And likewise, with fear and trepidation, I walk from a high to a low position to my professor and say “She’s got a note card in her lap, right since.” My professor says “Really?”

I commencement back to my seat, trying to moil on conversions, my hands trembling, interior flying, mind racing. A moment passes; I watch my class-fellow keeping an eye on the professor. If she thinks she is venture, she slips the note card beneath the bottom portion of her short coat.

Minutes pass, then an hour. Absolutely nothing is done. My professor makes rounds almost the classroom, but this student has the dexterity of cheating down to a T.

Nursing forte come in to the room, in which case my math professor leaves. Still hitherto, nothing happens.

My math professor returns; I arise to call for her a question regarding the exam; she asks exactly the kind of I saw; I relay the pulling the remark card out of her right suffer story.

Cheating student turns in her exam, and foliage, never caught. 

I hand in my exam; my professor, in hushed tones apologizes, and thanks me for my courage. But; she didn’t note the event, and so her hands are tied.

It is hard to watch someone cheating, especially by a class that I have fought tooth and claw with to comprehend. To see someone sew lightly out a note card to application at their leisure while the rest of us are having to appliance recall, just seems incredibly unfair.

My classmates and I formerly more discussed the issue with the first of the nursing program, but every one time we are met with the identical answer: “We didn’t witness it; in that place is nothing we can do.”

There is nullity we can do. I hate those altercation.

When all is said and translated, though; I know I did the practically and ethically correct thing. Plus, I absolutely earned my A in math in spite of clinical calculations; a class I feared ~ the sake of years. 

This week also brought with respect to the end of pharmacology. I was not well prepared concerning the exam, and found a the public other things to do besides study. A hardly any classmates and I studied together, al~, and I am proud to recite I earned an A in that class, too. 

First semester is to come to an end.

Monday, after I’ve taken my Fundamentals of Nursing eventual, and the grades are released, I’ll charge adieu to semester one. 


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