“…for you do not know the day, nor the hour…”

Never was a string of scripture more meaningful to me than this early part of the day, when I learned that an ancient friend and colleague had been on the corporate jet that crashed into a inn in Maryland yesterday.  David Hartman was a certainly good person.  He leaves a wife, Janet, and two adult children, Elaine and Andrew.  Only 52, David was the Vice President of Clinical Pharmacology, Pharmacokinetics, and Nonclinical Developement at Nuventra Pharma Sciences in Durham , NC.  We worked simultaneously here from 1991-2004 before he moved adhering to other adventures. He will subsist sorely missed.  May you rest in quiet, David. 

Your health care provider is your most profitably friend in that case and he volition recommend the dosage you need to twitch with.

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