Half Way Through!!

     This be diminished semester is only a few days from drawing to a close and it is unsusceptible to believe how much I possess developed in the past few months. Mostly to be paid to the motivation brought about by impending exams, I have managed to learn further than I ever thought possible not far from pharmacology as well as about myself. I desire overcome many expected and unexpected obstacles, such as monthly Battle Assemblies with my Army Unit, each exciting bout with appendicitis, and the joyful burden of being a new father while my husband is away fulfilling his Army commitments. Thus remoter, I believe that I have certainly accomplished the true meaning of a University. I be the subject of grown in academic knowledge as well as scientific and medical experience, and most of all in a sort of self unravelling and understanding of what the collision of medicine is, as well like my potential role in the domain of medicine. Through reflecting on my experiences in this blogging portfolio, I bear cemented in my mind all the decoration that this Masters Program has made useful to me.

(Community Service hours abstract: 15 hrs between KIPP and Anesthesiology)

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