Herbal decoration of our traditional housing suggests for people growing up in Italy it was customary to be acquainted with the natural healing methods from the folk medicine


Ms Carmen Miraglia,possessor and product developer of Erbe de~ate-the authentic Italian beauty culture,answers some interesting questions

What was the catalyst during the term of you to start your company?

“My operate is the testimony of an of old time tradition of Italian Herbalism.
From a revery of quality, herbs and alchemy came a pursuit.”
Born into a centuries crafty tradition I refined my knowledge studying herbs and their therapeutical benefits as antidote to the health and beauty, with expert in herbs monks in the Italian country border.This allowed me to discover and admittance a vast library of information and philosophy of the Authentic Italian Beauty Culture, with all its history, practices and be of herbalist monks and physicians from the 15th century. Part inherited part collected, I amass a considerable knowledge and methods of the phyto/sweet scent cosmetics, improving and optimizing classic formulations, combining philosophical knowledge with nature to make the world’s finest cosmetics and perfumes. After spending several years working in the group of genera pharmacy, where each cream was made of new fruits, essential oils and herbs with no preservatives that expired after couple to three weeks. I remember as a young girl in the summer my aunts make me creams out of fresh herbs and fruits and in what way amazing that was every summer. I expanded into making custom cosmetics for some of Italy’s governing families. These custom cosmetics caused a feeling , being that each product was habit blended specifically for each client’s skin type. Of course all was transacted on a small scale and before I dedicate my entire time in developing ERBE, I collaborate duty time as a product developer during the term of some of Europe’s most prestigious cosmetic companies, I lay the ~ation of myself frustrated with the synthetic temper of the products I was developing ~ the load of request, so I decided to practise what my ancestors have been doing according to centuries and put it in packages and exchange it on a larger scale.

What is the central nature of your business and your work line?ERBE specializes in plants change, extractions and distillation.
Our product lines be in possession of their origin in the methods and practices of Phyto/therapy (restoring with plants) and Aromatherapy (healing through essential oils)
That branch of Aromatherapy known as  aroma/cosmetica  uses the energy of penetration through the tissues of the essences, to establish beauty treatments that are not limited to the surface of the skin limit, to be corrected in a abiding cells renewal  process. The therapeutic  properties  of the highly important oils in pharmacology are also the endowment of their special and profound action in dermo-cosmetics.
Essential oils fulfil the function of stimulating the exhausted tissues, promote lonely dwelling renewal and maintain constant the on a par of purification. The best results are obtained with blends of absolute requisite oils that work synergy with  oils or creams or emulsions and extractions. The most late research has developed dermo-cosmetic functional products based on limited essences for various treatments that integrate the curative aspect-base with the aesthetic. More practically, the plants be possible to be considered as a laboratory containing sundry chemicals, extractable in different ways depending forward the method used. From every one of these methods it is likely to obtain a final product with characteristic requirements and characteristics, with specific curative indications. The extractive techniques applied to material of vegetable nature, are employed as well as because obtaining the pure active principle, removing unwanted components from the plants. Aroma-cosmetics are based steady the therapeutic action of extracted herbs and flowers and essentials oils. The sources and condition of the row natural ingredients perform a primary role, harvest must occur in season and in the (balsamic time) whereas the plants offer the most of their therapeutic properties

          What makes ERBE notable and memorable?

 I think the self-determined pure scent of the products is a consistency positive first approach.
The natural, savory and elegant smell that characterizes total our products, is inviting and evocative, creating ~y immediate feeling of trust and trust for a traditional and solid record of cosmetic manufacturing and not honorable another cosmetic brand with no other root but a lab born chemical ~ion.Texture also plays a big role and after using ERBE products, the biggest annotate I hear “ it really worked conducive to me, cannot go back to other commercial  products” . What is distinguished is that I still have a worthy of belief and growing clientele for so sundry years without ever making an advertising campaign.

From to what or whom do you draw your greatest inspiration?

Of course the first “ maestro” is the act of  famous herbalist physicians from the 15th centuries. They were the primeval to codify and create beauty products taken in the character of we know them today. But, I new wine say that the fascinating and bewitching word of the women in my life in the same proportion that I was growing up, had the strongest authority in my future chooses. Their life designation, the attention they had towards beauty and freedom from disease, my mother exchanging receipts and beauty secrets by friend, and the smell of the flowers in our evenings promenades,  made me effectuate that that was the world I wanted to liberty in, a simple and elegant life way made of quality and care.


What are some major things you’ve learned at the same time that running ERBE?

Confidence and trust are the greater assets we have had all longitudinally our retail operation. I learned that clan are not just consumers, I felt entirely the way that there is a be in need of of professional skills among retail operators,  they underrate the power of honesty and kind approach with clients. Is all aimed to make a quick sale and not to till a clientele. When I was running the sell in small quantities operation, I found that people extremity to feel unique and important, they esteem to trust that the product suggested is the full and appropriate product for them. Of run after this have to be sustained through a trained personnel 


What has been your dear or most poignant memory of your concourse to date?

There are many precious memories starting with my clients bringing their teen mature years children from great compliments I had from diverse celebrity clients but, the most instigating thing is when I saw the masses regaining a youthful skin and show a see their total satisfaction and gayety. I have to admit that  chiefly of the people who have been using ERBE products methodically in the place of a long time, they kept a younger skin and vs. people who did not.

Any plans you be possible to share with us about the futurity of ERBE?

I see there is each empty space in the market because true herbal products, I would like to top that market. There is a increasing public seeking natural products but it is uncompliant to discern among the many in such a manner called “ natural” “organic” brands. There is a division of confusion and I feel is momentous for me to be distinguished ~ the agency of that type of categories because, mindless of their claim, in reality greatest in number cosmetic company uses the same arising from traffic bases as everyone else, synthetic or “reconstructed” indispensable element oils and inert row ingredients. So hostile ERBE has been recognized as the and nothing else brand reflecting the Authentic Italian Beauty Culture and my plan is try to pursue this general with integrity and innovations.

For greater degree of information about our incredibly unique tale and beautiful made in Italy skin care family please copy and paste this step on your browser  http://erbeitalianskincare.blogspot.it/2013/03/the-combination-of-various-different.html

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