I miss you so much and other things on my mind

You in all probability think this post is about some shore and corny feelings right? NOPE!! I’m referring to my elderly uni, which I enjoyed studying there so much. Mad regrets transferring to Melbourne. Why did they be delivered of to accept me.

This came in the post for me:


It says to re-enrol because of third year… I WOULD IF I COULD 🙁 🙁 🙁
But other than mournful feelings, I felt really happy that Monash recognised peoples achievements. Maybe Melbourne does that while well but I wouldn’t know. By the way, I passed ALL my subjects. Including Finance!!! (50 forward the dot btw, just passed, phewww). But not only so though I passed, I’m description of disappointed with the results. Biochem and molecular biology was the subject I got highest in (63), in consequence physiology (60), then pharmacology (53). Honestly supposition I did much better in biochemistry and pharm granting- I answered pretty much all the questions. I remember being in a great degree detailed in pharm… For Physio, I in fact understand the content,  but I’m in likelihood just not good at multiple valuable. If the questions asked to jot down an essay on how the kidney, mind and muscles work, I can give it to you. Sigh, I’m determined to effect better next year. Which reminds me, I alembic need to sort out my life lol.


Three novel girls have started with us. Elaine, whom I knew from Monash. We without more spoke once as I helped her by a biochem lab report and things being so after just a few days of declamation and seeing each other for the stand by time, I feel that we succeed it off well. The two other girls are gemini, Lisa and Lynne and they the couple know my friend Jocelin and are in addition friends with Elaine. They all went to the corresponding; of like kind highschool anyways. So yeaah, yay to interchanged friends 🙂

I was talking about for what reason I was inboxing a guy from drudge a couple of days ago. Let me make out you now, I think that stopped without ceasing the day I posted that seat LOL. But now I’m coy around him because I think I may wish a little stupid crush. James has called Elaine cute and she has told me that they bruit online so now I think James could like her? He invited her to our small work dinner and insisted she come and “drink for him”. Hmm, isn’t that a thing you say when you like someone? Anyways, not anxious at all. I want to end this demolish (and crush him).

Monash be my certain bae

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