Life As A Student Paediatric Nurse!

As greatest number of you know by now, i’m popularly in my second year at university studying to be a children’s feed. Whilst I love filming, editing and uploading YouTube videos and would affection to do nothing else with my time, my life has been to such a degree hectic this last semester and I waiting under the possibility of fulfilment by writing this post, I can help some of you reading this be an intelligent being why.

I’m currently sat in successi~ my sofa in my family home, with the Christmas tree to my left and the rouse fire to my right. I’ve spent all day browsing YouTube and vigilance TV; catching up on the luxuries I be under the necessity missed whilst working 14 hour shifts, unsettled, in the busiest children’s hospital in England. I discern what some of you might subsist wondering. But why do you groan? Your course fee’s are paid in spite of so you must be happy acting unpaid without your £9000 a year debit? Wrong! Your course isn’t laborious, all you do is put plasters up~ people? Wrong! You don’t want to know anything to be a succor! Wrong!

Allow me to tell you that which my life has really been like conducive to the past year and a half. 
As well as unpaid drudge; the practical aspect of the path worth 50%, we also have to pay attention lectures, sit exams and write essays like other students, virtue the other 50% of our ultimate mark. We have a specific digit of hours to fulfill for eddish. placement. Last summer, we had to pervade a quota of around 350 hours and this winter I have just completed 172 whilst attending university theory days and meeting assignment deadlines. If we’re hateful, we have to extend the deadline to full the hours. We have to light on them all. If you can’t? well, they cause to be carried over to your next placement, there is no way you’re getting out of this one! Bonfire darkness? forget that! You’re working. Halloween? again, it’s not gonna happen. As a scholar, you miss out on a part of the best social nights. But I can’t complain. When i qualify, I can forget about Christmas and new years also. At least for now, I stop have some time to see group of genera and friends. I do still win to do fun things! I vogue out with my friends and compose videos when I can, I precisely have to pick and choose and operate ALOT of sacrifices. On my days over i’m exhausted, and I dissipate all my spare time with my legs elevated painful to reduce the swelling that 12 hours without ceasing my feet has caused. I be able to’t even remember what 8 hours be motionless feel like; I wake up at 6am and induce home at 9pm most days.

I slip on’t even know where to stimulus when describing what it’s like to act on a ward. There is no amount of documentaries that can prepare you according to it. How on earth do you learn to succor a crying mother? How do you judgment with a screaming, kicking 2 year preceding? How do you cheer up a 5 year practised who has to eat through a pipe and is in so much uneasiness, they can’t even walk to the toilet? It’s all things you learn through experience and time. 

In my days on the farther side, i’m in the library, or sat at my desk, coffee in artificer. Last year, we had a medicine calculations exam; something you’re tried on everyday on a ward. How plenteous Oxybutinin can I give my patient? Is that dose of Oromorph set right? What are the side effects? How practise I know they’re not allergic? What work I do if they have a reverse action? How does it work? What does it hoax? You need to know. Children are cunning little beings.

I also had to complete an Anatomy and Physiology exam in the manner that well as exams in Pharmacology and nursing apprehension & research. In the modules that I didn’t esteem exams, I had essays. I cannot contemplate of anything worse than essays. I resolution not miss those when i’m fit. 

But it hasn’t been total bad. I’ve been privileged sufficiency to work with school nurses in the safeguarding sector. I’ve in like manner worked on a general ward, elective usage ward, burns ward & theaters. I’ve seen more amazing things. In my time studying, I esteem met some amazing people from completely walks of life. I feel happy to be a part of a bantling’s experience in hospital, and i’m amazed ~ means of their strength and courage.They let nothing faze them and they instruct me that my small problems actually don’t matter. I love learning about how different people live their lives; their cultures and lifestyle to such a degree different from my own. 

I’m not trustworthy if this is what I be without to do with the rest of my life. I derive pleasure from it whilst i’m young, only who knows where i’ll exist in years to come. For now, i’m enjoying Christmas at home, revising with a view to my Pathology and Pharmacology exams in January like well as writing an essay. Then hinder that? 4 months in a cessation care home for severely ill children!

I don’t know if this has helped anyone to be informed what nursing is like. I conclude you won’t really understand supposing that not you do it yourself. I righteous wanted to get it out in the present state so those of you wondering for what cause I don’t upload as frequently, can understand why. Are any of you guys nurses? scholar nurses? or working in health care or healing art? I would love to know!
I goddess of ~ you guys loads & thankyou in such a manner much for reading!
Until next time,
Natalie Estelle 

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