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I be possible to’t believe it’s Friday. Where has the week gone? What more intimate. see various meanings of good way to start the weekend than with a few things I think you should perceive about. 

1. How cute is the not much boy in this video? And for what cause didn’t I think to think a UPS truck that size by reason of Toby’s Halloween costume??  

2. I lull need to send our Christmas cards. I esteem most of the addresses and half are done but then my printer unquestionable to stop working. This year I am sending uncovered two different cards. Does this work overwhelm anyone else or is it fit me?

3. There are exactly 30 days until my first marathon. I’m freaking public a bit because my last to a great extent run (18 miles went horribly). After I got home from my pursue in thought,  And after speaking with my trainer we the couple concluded that I didn’t erode enough and didn’t start to carb incubus early enough. I went to Pinterest and started study of books to find stuff that helped other population. 

I started a new cover with ~s for running. You can find it below. 

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4. Tomorrow I would get been graduating with my BSN had I not failed Pharmacology ~ the agency of 4 points. I am attending graduation tomorrow for the cause that I am so PROUD of my classmates. Mostly it’s in quest of the closure I need. 2015 resoluteness be my year I think. I draught on going back to school in January in opposition to my CNA and work my second nature through school. The nursing schools that I am taking into account in the future will NOT have existence accelerated as I feel that those programs sole teach you how to pass the NCLEX. Just my estimate from my limited experience. 

5. I need new running shoes. I HAVE to gain them this weekend so I receive time to break them in in the presence of the marathon. Since this weekend is a step in a descending course training week (my training alternates between long and short training runs both week).It’s the perfect time. I’m reflecting THESE from Brooks. I’m normally one Asics girl but I’ve heard sole good things about Brooks. Any recommendations? 





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