Assalamualaikum wrt.

“First i was dissolution to finish high school and set off college,
And then i was mortal to finish college and start moving,
And then i was dying to unite in marriage and have children.
And then i was departure for my children to grow aged enough for school so I could go to work.
And then I was dissolution to retire.
And now, I am demise.. And suddenly I realized I forgot to live”

Submitted ~ the agency of Nicole Zablocki

I remembered the ~ and foremost day i set my foot steady this piece of land of Russia, that adrenaline driving on, of starting a new life in a foreign land. The first few weeks of disclosure; cold weather, tongue-twisting language, wildly underground trains, new people, and of career the ever fascinating big books of structural details and histology from the Russian authors. I’ve perpetually been a person of adventures, and to such a degree new things do have big goods on me. Adapting to the metropolitan life of Moscow took me wholly a period of time, until i rest my momentum, walking according to the rhythm beat.

But as the days progressed to months, and months progressed to years, i realized that the round got predictable. Classes were the sort, the grocery shopping stayed as it was, that press of looking forward to weekends in some measure than weekdays somewhat became more unbearable as the schedule of classes grew tighter.

I remembered my days of rudimentary years where we studied to master that ‘5’ or ‘отлично!’ from our teachers, yet learning how the system works and that language barrier that grew harder by time, i only lost that interest to compete anymore. What is the practice of it anyway? My seniors survived uncorrupt fine by doing it this habitude, just surviving, and they became doctors about all. The easy and breezy healing life in Russia, when you single out to have it that way. 

Besides that, the cold weather do have those turn-facing effects, it gives that feeling of unmixed laziness and the reluctance to gain out of the room and to lawful spend the time snuggling under that dense duvet with that heater turned attached. I started to find a assign places to of friends to make movie-obscurity marathons in the weekends, something that i looked brazen for every week. Searching for fresh movies, shopping places and food  became the favorites in my google instrument.

“Home is where the heart belongs”

Summer enervate is that 2 months holiday during summer in which we are given the preference to spend in Malaysia or reasonable stay in Russia. During this bound, we also have to fulfill our university’s requirement of hospital practical. Oчевидно, we chose to act the practical in Malaysia, and of career, at the nearest hospital in our region. As we were not under in ~ degree supervision of doctors or nurses, we ever ended up lingering around the hospital nonplus, the canteen, or the better ones amongst us, they could subsist found in the hospital library. 

We fulfilled the requirements in the same proportion that minimum as we could most of the time, we were not allowed to beg too much as the doctors are at work with their work, and the nurses are caught up through the amount of patients, and considered in the state of inexperienced undergraduates, we could only assistant but little. I became more frustrated and unwavering to finish the practical as forbear eating as i could, get that learned man’s signature and ciou!

As summer holidays finally finished, we got that ‘rejuvenation’ of enterprise in finishing our studies as of medicine students. That was all in our heads, to deserved survive and finally graduate.

Years passed and in the present life i am, facing my final year in Moscow. I’ve heard intelligence of my seniors who are at this moment fully licensed doctors, how they had a solid time adapting to the system, in what way they were always ‘marked’ whenever they mention that they graduated from Russia. Many of our seniors cause to be these funny and hurtful remarks whensoever they did not perform the conduct correctly.  I went through the internet to supply with food some resources about the current cases of Russian graduates, single to find some of these articles.

“At at hand, hundreds of medical graduates from Russian and Ukrainian universities especially CSMU are used up without a leash in our state hospitals.

Most of them don’t apprehend pharmacology or physiology.

Most can’t effect simple clinical procedures like urinary catheterization and intravenous cannulation.

Most can’t rescue acute care to a patient in calamity.

They are not well-versed with common medical terms and classifications.

In direct, they are a different breed utterly”

I searched for more, and all I found are the same because these. I always knew about Russian graduates essence less skillful compared to the topical medical graduates as the lack of exposing. here, but never to my fright, this alarming extent.

Questions started to arise in my principal,

Why are these doctors so chafed at us? They write these articles well stocked of emotion and anger.

Do we necessity to stop studying medicine now?

How cheat we stop the government from sending us here anyway?

Are we doomed to this denounce, forever ‘инвалидов’ as a respectable doctor?

I searched for what is immorality in this picture and I suppose I found it. We lost that enterprise, enthusiasm, passion, interest, or whatever you entitle it, to our dream and hunger for fame. We forgot the purpose and purpose. coming to this piece of region. We got tired with the a whole and language and decided to honorable follow the flow and choose not to rejoin rightly to these challenges.

When we were kids we dreamt of being that make ~ doctor/engineer/teacher, imagining that we have a mind be that hero who will prevent lives just like in the movies, helping by full of responsibility and sincerity.

Somehow, that dreams candid remained as dreams. Clouded and as luck may have it bit by bit, became impossible in our minds.

I transact not deny that external factors in this place in Russia do poll on this narration.

Maybe it’s just the body here that we can’t make different.

Or maybe it’s due to our aversion to get out of our support zones we’ve created, avoiding the substantialness that we’re actually going to face. Miles away from Malaysia, breezy and enjoyable life in the present life in Russia, it’s not such hard to avoid the reality.

How could i be so ignorant? Here I am in my definitive year of medical school and ultimately realizing this reality. But the realty has always been in front of me the sum time. I just never took the time to indorse it till now.

What is the purpose of my existing here anyway?

I can’t be here just to ‘survive’, the kind of kind of doctor will I exist ? How can I be of a utility use to my society? I can’t stay in this like state if I want to subsist a contributor, just like every thing perceived created in this world, all of them require their own purposes. My purpose is of set of dishes to be the best doctor that I be possible to, to be able to contribute and figure improvements in health care of my lower classes and maybe if I try harder, I be able to do researches and find cures beneficial to taboo diseases that people thought to subsist incurable.

I can’t change the matter of fact but I do know a make different in my actions now can improve the fact.

That red self-help suddenly gleamed in stand opposite to of me, that book that I bought on account of 25% off in a jumble demand during my holidays in Malaysia. The book is entitled “How to Get from Where” You Are to Where You Want To Be”, 

these elementary few words caught my eyes

Waking up and progressing.

That willingness to progress disposition of course, involve risks. Risks to acquire out of my comfort box, my plane figure, habits and the daily norms.

We are to the end of time scared of going outside of our orb because it feels comfortable inside the solace box we created, we are scared to progress for the reason that we tricked ourselves that we are doing flashy, when the fact is, the terraqueous globe outside is revolving and we’re as a matter of fact at the back of the streak. 

We are scared to take risks for the cause that we are afraid of exposing our weaknesses, except if we do not try to bare and expand ourselves, we would not exist able to maximize our capabilities and have ~ing the best that we can have existence. Each of us are individual, and a assemblage of individuals make up a copartnership. As we progress to become maxed-through individuals (in terms of highly clever professionals), we form great societies. Great societies shape a remarkable country and vice versa.

“Product of the system”

Practically, in this place in Moscow, we say we are the produce of the system, that the ruling power who were responsible to send us to this place, that the agents did not blurt the conformity to fact about the real study life in the present state,  but are we going to continuously reproach the system for what we possess become? Where do we head sooner or later, after blaming?

To blame is a great deal of easier than to take full achievement or to respond correctly to the plight.

The definition of responsibility is the predicament or fact of being responsible, that may be answered, or accountable for something within single in kind’s power, control, or management.

“You weren’t ~y accident. You weren’t mass produced. You aren’t every assembly-line product. You were deliberately planned, specifically inventive, and lovingly positioned on Earth through the Master-Craftsman”-Max Lucado

In Islam, we believe that tot~y beings are specifically created for a purpose, not every act of accident. Muslims believe that we are created to have existence Caliphs on earth and a drudge to the Master-Craftsman. Caliphs in articles of agreement of giving the best conduct to other family (building trust, enlarging network, harmonize the terrestrial ball) and also as a servant to the Almighty; Allah subhana wa ta’ala.

As almost as i remember during my summer practical in Malaysia, I notice that housemanship is a circuit of crucial torture where these young doctors are ever pressured as being the ‘losers’ of the hospital. 

At these time of time, these doctors are expected to comprehend every single procedures in that detail department, despite the fact that they are modern and maybe lack of some skills in the same manner with they are not fairly exposed during their student years. When these doctors are finished with their first 2 year epoch of work and have progressed to have ~ing medical officer, they forget the reality that they were once housemen in addition, and they treat these new housemen by the same treatment that they were one time treated or more likely to be called as the period of truthful vengeance. 

The vicious cycle starts another time and again, hospitals which were supposed to have existence the place of saving lives, be converted into just like a prison, only scholarship to survive the housemanship, and perpetuate their journey to become ‘great’ doctors. Especially because of the graduates of Russia, where we grow especially wounded with this journey of affliction, we tend to be more horrid medical officers to the junior doctors, misusing the manner concept of ‘learning the distressfully way up’.

There is some corrections of precise signification that need to be buffered back hither. We can change this reality of trouble in Malaysia into a new realm of hope if we try calamitous enough from now, how? Let’s impulse with some exposures.

“During therapeutical student life, your source of emphasis is your studies, as you desire to memorize the whole bookshelf to simply pass. Being a doctor, the force comes from having the enormous accountableness, as your mistake can cost someone his/her life, your heedlessness may cause someone pain, your blindness may delay someone from getting the ~ful treatment.”

Learning the fact that we be seized of an enormous responsibility, we as undergraduate students in the present life in Russia, have to make a perseverance to fill our chest with equal knowledge and skills. Potentials are not more than us, we just need to not crooked them to the right way.

Being a medical practitioner does not mean that we are sole involved with the medical problems of our patients, excepting also their social science and neighborly economy problems as we are preserving human lives, not gadgets.

“In the conclusion of cardiac arrest, in the heart of panicking and crying family members outside the door, we must be able to recall the steps that we learn in the Advance Cardiac Life Support hunt that we attended last month/year, and act hence. Practice makes perfect. Experience is of point of compass, the best teacher.

On another give rise to, a frail looking 25 year practised man with a newly diagnosed leukemia asked, “Doctor, what’s maltreat with me? Will I die?”. Think.. exercise the mind.. Choose your words wisely before answering, doctors!”

Do you know that right now, the statistics of drug addicts among our youth in Malaysia has newly increased. On 19th of February 2014, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has called ~ward families to unite to propel the take up arms against drug addiction among youths. He declared the Government was concerned that medicine abuse problems had commonly resulted from a downfall in the family unit. In this capsule, let’s say we encounter a physic addict patient, we can’t purely mark that this is his puzzle, an individual problem, assuming all the representative thoughts that we busy doctors are stereotyped through , but can’t we see that this is actually a social problem. 

Prophylactic steps externality the range of medicine need to be taken in order to cure this enigma of our society and it starts by the doctor to detect the root of the crisis. Treat the malady, not the symptom, if we doctors certainly heal the roots of the point to be solved, it will not be a surprise admitting that we can not only cure diseases unless also the social problems that our fellowship is facing.

Having said this, we in the same proportion that the future doctors/engineers who are going to exist a part of the society, possess to master social skills, and that could not exist achieved if we choose to regular linger with the same group of race who are only interested in charming movies, who are only interested to ‘shiver out’ or just stay in the chance under that duvet sleeping comfortably avoiding the pompous pang of reality in which we comprehend, will surely take place once we period our studies here and start through our working career, the development and refinement of care in our society testament not fruit in just one light of ~, nor will it make a quick appearance once we touch down in Malaysia. I perceive we do care for the body deep inside us, but we sourness not layer it with atherosclerotic plaques of illiteracy with our state of being in the present state.

People call me a perfectionist, but I’m not. I’m a “rightist”. I answer something until its right, then i move to the next thing.

James Cameron-Oscar captivating director of Terminator series


We be delivered of to stop having the ‘prey mentality’ as our past seniors wish experienced. Its just not right! Let us favor some changes starting now and when we do start our career, we are prompt to be contributors, not just feebly captivating that grand account of being a instructor/engineer, when we are not truly making improvements but repeating the identical mistakes. Let us become the subject of history of the past, we have a changed mentality and a starting a~ vision for a better environment and we  are involved in this make different.

       Last still not least, let’s rekindle the comforter of nationalism. Do remember that altogether of us are the future Malaysians, the strange generation who will shape our beloved country into the country that we castle in the air to see. The power that is in the inside of us must be molded from it being so that, not when we’ve reached our father’s decline of life or when we have ‘methodical down’, but the plan of graceful a real contributing human being starts very lately. We have to rebuild that swollen ambition of ours in our courage, putting actions into it.  

The young and the creative, the sound and comprehensive, the skillful and competing, all of these capabilities or characteristics malicious within the youth, especially youth who are commonly on a higher education like us, or of the same kind with Russians call it, люди с высшим образованием. Youth who are in readiness to take  challenges and tame our dignity as  future graduates and professionals from our self-same own study place, Russia, we not sole big on words but also bombastic on actions. Let’s turn those hospitals (against doctors) into somewhere that we wish to have existence in, let’s make Malaysia the most judicious country that we are always ostentatious of.  

Yeah, i’m talking near us because it starts with us. We are completely here for a bigger purpose. So the sort of are waiting for? 

Despite the variant backgrounds, different religions and different cultivation of origins, we are all citizens of Malaysia. We are quite going to be part of the society in Malaysia. The future is us!  Hand in part, we can aspire the nation since the betterment of the society, unpolished and the world

Together we are stronger and unbreakable.

The obscure of getting ahead is getting started. The hidden of getting started is breaking your manifold, overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and in that case starting on the first one.Mark Twain


Either, furiex is increased to sum up disease findings on patients of nesina warring from these data.

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