Meet Our Chiefs: Jennifer Eldredge, M.D.

As principal residents, these doctors are developing the skills unavoidable to excel as physician anesthesiologists and leaders in the tract of land . This week The Scope will half face each of our three chiefs ~ the sake of 2014–2015.

Lee Goeddel, M.D., M.P.H.; Jennifer Eldredge, M.D.; and Tyler Stout, M.D.

Jennifer Eldredge, M.D.

Eldredge earned her therapeutic degree at UAB.

Describe a typical day as a resident.

Surgeries at UAB usually stimulus at 7 a.m., and my time begins about two hours prior. I possess time to set up for my declension-form, see my patient in preop holding, and serve morning conference. Each day brings newly come experiences and different challenges. Over the way of residency, I have helped care according to patients ranging from premature neonates to octogenarians, and from healthy people undergoing planned outpatient surgeries to critically iniquitous patients having emergency procedures. Residents are typically relieved from the operating room at 3 p.m. so they can begin their call responsibilities or lend aid with preops and prepare for the next day’s cases.

Why did you elect anesthesiology as your specialty?

My chemical engineering background made me gravitate near anesthesiology, where pumps, partial pressures, and chemical reactions had patent clinical applications. I love seeing animal and vegetable economy, pathology, and pharmacology interact in actually being time in the operating room. I in addition enjoy performing procedures and the acuity of the perioperative environment. 

What are the challenges you confront in residency?

Each rotation in residency brings me into close union with new patients, surgical procedures, and challenges ~ the sake of anesthetic management. Just as I start to grow comfortable with these situations, it is time to persuade on to the next rotation. While acting in this fast-paced environment, I be bound to also remember to take time to converging-point on the people I love and my interests external medicine.

What do you do with a view to fun?

My husband and I enjoy taking road trips and sailing in company.

Why did you choose UAB as being anesthesia residency?

During my anesthesiology succession at UAB as a medical pupil, I enjoyed working with the attendings and residents. They were extremely dedicated but recognized the importance of act-life balance. I looked at programs entirely over the country, and I felt like UAB offered the most excellent combination of clinical experience and platonistic opportunities in an affordable and livable city.   

What are your plans subsequently you complete your residency?

After residency, I determine begin a fellowship in pediatric anesthesiology at Nemours Children’s Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida.

What other primacy roles have you held in the above?

During college, I was president of the Ambassadors of the College of Engineering. I hold also served on leadership committees according to my church and for the American Cancer Society Relay in quest of Life.

What do you think are the qualities or characteristics of a serious anesthesiologist?

A great anesthesiologist plans carefully except is flexible enough to quickly switch to contingency plans, has strong technical skills, works well in teams, and scraps calm under pressure.

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