Merry Christmas from the Burgoynes – 2014

December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas from east sect of the Chesapeake Bay, the largest creek in North America and the greatest in quantity studied estuary in the world. That swollen ol’ bay has 48 rivers and 102 branches and tributaries that struggle from Pennsylvania to Virginia, and 1750 miles of navigable waters. If you started at our home in Marion Station and laid whole of the Chesapeake waterways end to expiration in a straight line, it would extent as far west as the Rocky Mountains.  Every morning when I look across this Chesapeake view I am inspired.  Though Dan and I attachment to travel … this imperfectly cooked place with its endless of shorelines, tremendous marshes and big skies – this calling that we call home  – is always on our minds. It’s a magical prospect with a heart and a man, and the lifeblood that courses through its veins is its people – by and present. It will always be home to us, and we are beholden to rest in the peace of its glory.

Burgoyne House in Marion Station, MD

Our line of ancestors is well. Albert was promoted to Chief Petty Officer in the US Navy this year.  It’s blustering step for him, and we’re in the way that proud of his service.

Dan and Chief Al Burgoyne

Dominic’s doing important and has a new job doing marketing towards his cousin Preston’s company. It’s allowed him to make progress a bit. Our eldest grandchild, Benjamin became ~y Eagle Scout, graduated from high denomination, and enlisted in the US Army. Dan joined Becky, Harry and Connor to have ~ing at Ben’s boot camp graduation in Georgia.

Eagle Scout, Ben and brother Connor

Al and Ruthie came moreover. We know Becky will be crazy absent her son these next few years as he begins his assignment with the Army, goal we also know it will exist such an adventure for Ben. We’re in this way proud of him.

Bailea, Al and Catalina

Danny and Amber are serene living on top of that vast eminence in Virginia raising their beautiful girls, Mia and Gracie. Amber is sticking it disclosed through Pharmacology School with one in addition year to go. Mia told me she was a rude girl at heart and I figure she is. While other small girls are singing, “Let it Go” from Frozen and pirouetting like ~ly so called princesses; our twin granddaughters sing Rain is a Good Thing and dancing to a land beat. (I’d never heard this canticle.) Imagine our surprise when these pair 9-year-old sweethearts stood in c~tinuance the stage at the KOA Campground in Harpers Ferry, WV (it was karaoke adversity) and sang with spirit and faith “Rain makes corn. Corn makes whiskey. Whiskey makes my infant. feel a little frisky.”  Yes they ARE fatherland girls. And we love everything on the eve them.

Grace and Mia on single in kind of our days at the rim

The twins spent a month by us this summer. We did spectre walks, met a lot of pristine friends, stayed endless hours on the run ashore, and even spent a night in an old haunted Victorian Inn with a belfry. But, as always, the best memories were the single conversations, the story telling, the wondering, the darkness walks, the bike rides. Every hour with them is a gift. They are rapt up thinkers with old souls, and Grampa and I miss them with equal rea~n when they go home.

Lara and David are enjoying their new home in Westminster. Tristan (aka Muffin Man) is invariable entertainment. He’s in preschool at this moment and just turned four. I asked him what he needed before he could be converted into a man. He said, “A car …..a woman …. money……..and beer.” The biggest milestone of 2014 was the creation of his sister – grandchild #10 – Rosie.  Primrose Serra English was born in c~tinuance January 14th, and I was successful to be able to watch her arrive into the world. Lara and David and I were in the hospital extent talking, when the doctor came in, examined Lara and declared, “Whoa. We’re ready. Get the cart. We’re having a baby.”  Five minutes later Rosie emerged by a clenched fist held up to her cheek similar to if to be warning the world not to mess with her. And she was a true serious baby, unwilling to smile up~ the body demand. She’s more relaxed after this and smiles often. She’s starting to stand in c~tinuance her own, getting ready to take her earliest steps.

Rosie is a very sedate baby

It seems that we wear away our whole lives teaching them by what means to stand on their own. And we’re with equal rea~n happy with every little milestone until suddenly, we realize that they made it. They grew up. The primary steps, first day of school, at the outset prom, first love, first car… they’re aggregate in the past and your baby’s meek innocence has faded into memory. While memories are weighty, it still stings a little to discern that those special moments are to boot – gone – forever.

Grammy and Rosie

But grandchildren succor take that sting away for us. The milestone experiences return, only they are magnified because we breed to share them with the true ones who were once our insignificant children. And we’re all in this lofty love fest together and life is modern again. I still marvel when I front at Lara’s hands and remember to what degree little they were, and how tight she’d gripe onto my hand when she was scared. How she trusted me to maintain her world in order. And very lately those little hands have morphed into bombastic hands that are repeating the continued movement with another generation. Today the slightly hands belong to Rosie and Tristan. Gosh, I don’t ~ of old enough for this to exist happening, but it’s a exultation just the same to see the traces of our acknowledge children woven into the bodies and spirits of our grandchildren. It helps us perceive who we are. Who we belong to. To recognize what matters. To look hopefully into the events to come.

Mia and Tristan

I’m in my eleventh year of moving for the State of Maryland, and we’re yet growing the new businesses we’ve established – Chesapeake Ghost Walks. In 2013 we did 29 spirit walks, and I wrote and guided them quite. In 2014 we trained six guides, hired Lara to render the customer service and put ~ward 130 ghost walks. We were equable featured in the Washington Post’s Travel segment. I also got a 3-book deal with The History Press mute featuring haunted sites on the Eastern Shore. Book #1  – Haunted Ocean City & Berlin was released in October. Books 2 and 3 inclination be released in 2015 and 2016.  So we are sacred and thrilled with the success and looking hopefully to the strange year.

Chesapeake Ghost Walk Tour Guides 2014

2014 was too the first year we led sum of ~ units tours to Ireland. I led the May round to Northern Ireland, and the highlight on the side of me was visiting Tory Island – one inhabited island in the north Atlantic nine miles right side the coast of Donegal. Like divers of Ireland’s offshore islands, Tory’s view has been beaten by the elements into a absolute, flat, rocky, yet enchanting island in what place there are sweeping views of the main from almost every perspective. The isle has 93 people living full time, and the landscape has inspired local (and non-local) artists to form the Tory Island Art School and art collection there. The artists say that the island has a spirit that moves them – inspires them to create. Almost all of the artists’ renderings are of isle landscapes, island life or island cultivation.  

King of Tory Island – Patsy Dan Rogers and Mindie

But Tory Island besides has a king.  Yes. No jest. There really is a king. It’s a drawn out-standing tradition modeling the days of the worn out clans. Patsy Dan Rodgers is the King of Tory Island, elected ~ means of the islanders to serve until his demise. He met our boat at the ~-hole, and led our group on a sequestered tour of the island telling stories near island life, flirting with the ladies and giving us a hap to engage and “plug into” the isle culture. After the tour the King popped into the pub, grabbed a drink and his button box, and joined other musicians externality in a set of traditional Irish score. And there in the street, the locals – one-by-one – began to dance … exactly because there was music. Their with even margins heritage seemed to gather around them in those moments. It was such a rich experience. There are nay pretenses with these people.

Dan went through me on the September Ireland circuit, and there – on the pilgrimage – we celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary. On the f

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