Methamphetamine Users May Develop Parkinson’s Disease

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When persons think of methamphetamine, the first thoughts are ~times times quite negative, such as diminished material appearance from the toxic chemicals in the put ~s into and erratic behavior due to repose deprivation. It turns out that those negative espouse a cause effects may not be the conquer of it; a new study has cast that methamphetamine users are three seasons more likely to develop Parkinson’s ailment than people who do not employment the drug, Medical News Today reports.

What’s greater degree, the researchers who conducted the study at the University of Utah and Intermountain Healthcare, originate that female methamphetamine users may exist almost five times as likely to disentangle Parkinson’s compared with women who end not use drugs.

“Typically, fewer the fair use meth than males do,” study elder author Glen R. Hanson, D.D.S., Ph.D., professor and interval dean of the University of Utah School of Dentistry and professor of pharmacology and science of poisons, noted in a press release. “Even allowing women are less likely to application it, there appears to be a sex bias toward women in the union between meth use and Parkinson’s.”

Patient facts from the University of Utah Health Care and Intermountain Healthcare, taken in the character of well as more than 40,000 records in the Utah Population Database (UPDB), comprised of genealogical, curative and government-provided information on Utah families, was combed through through researchers. The data that contained identifying diligent information was removed in order in opposition to all participants to remain anonymous, according to the piece.

Only patients who had used no other than meth and cocaine were considered on the side of the study. Patients who had used a single one other controlled substance or alcohol by methamphetamine or cocaine were not worthy of choice for the research. The control form into ~s was then compared to both the methamphetamine and cocaine groups.

The participants in the cocaine cluster were not found to be at increased exposure to harm for Parkinson’s.

“We feel convenient that it’s just the meth causing the jeopard for Parkinson’s, and not other drugs or a compound of meth and other drugs,” says Hanson.

The examination was published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence.

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