MSc Forensic Toxicology by Research

Course description
Key features of the course:

– Work through real case scenarios, other scientific institutions and shape up a network for possible more remote research / employment
– Gain excellent practical laboratory skills
– Graduate by a publication in a peer reviewed diary

What will I study?
Toxicology, the study of drugs and poisons, is some expanding area of study that offers graduates a broad range of career options. Forensic science of poisons is the application of the science and study of drugs and poisons to questions that arise in forensic proceedings and involves a wide stroll of case scenarios including drugs/pure spirit and driving, drug facilitated sexual attack, and deliberate/malicious poisoning.

Forensics science of poisons involves the study of the segregation and analysis of drugs and poisons from a large variety of matrices, including human tissues and the goods that these may have on the individual. The career will aim to provide students through a detailed knowledge concerning the election and collection of case materials, being of the kind which well as the analytical techniques used in juridical toxicology laboratories for the isolation and identification of drugs and poisons.

You enjoin study the signs and symptoms associated by the use of common drugs and poisons, basic pharmacology, mechanisms of mix with ~s/poison action, drug metabolism and unsalable article elimination from the body. In addition to the more traditional areas of juridical toxicology, the course will introduce you to aspects of environmental proper science where toxicology may be involved.

An prominent part of the training of the proper expert is associated with the figure of evidence in court and in the same manner you will undertake training in the case and presentation of evidence.

The career is delivered by experienced forensic toxicologists and disputative practitioners with an emphasis on professional capabilities. Wherever in posse the study will be case excel. Our objective is to provide eminent, theoretically informed, science-based learning in the same manner with well as research skills.

How to put
For full course information and minor circumstances about how to apply, please pay a ~ to the MSc Forensic Toxicology by Research pages steady the Bournemouth University website.

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