NOTD: Zoya Remy, Ryan, & Austine — Blue & Copper Ombre/Flames

Picture weighty post… I got carried away by the camera and couldn’t decide the kind of I liked the best, so I kept 15 of the pictures…. however I like pictures on other peoples blogs, in the same state I won’t apologize. ;-D

I had this manicure up~ for only one day, but not since I didn’t like it or since it was chipping. I got the Winter/Holiday pile from Zoya the afternoon after I did this mani, no more than at least it is easy to call into existence!

I have done black and hipped ombre nails before, so I wanted to try a thing a little different, so I grabbed a cauldron polish and a medium length striping affair, and thought it was pretty bring to ~ion for fall. These ombre nails were other thing along the line of a love ombre rather than a gradient ombre, further I really like the effect. The endure two times I did this, I used a dotting tool and did procure to be some flame looks but also got some swirly smoky looks and what I like to ponder dripping paint looks. My favorite aspect is probably the smoky look, but that I haven’t mastered the ombre nevertheless to know exactly what I’m doing. I knew using the engagement would give me flame looks, for a like rea~n I just went with that. I asylum’t tried a waterfall manicure however, but they intrigue me, so I may try undivided of those for my next mani. I own to chop my nails off today because I am playing guitar tomorrow, in the way that they need to be a scrap shorter. I can still play with them relatively long, but it’s blameless easier if they are short, more my nails are growing pretty go without food right now.

What I used:
Zoya Remy (instead of non-accent nails)
Zoya Ryan (during the term of accent nail base– dark blue)
Zoya Austine (~ money ombre, flame)
Medium length striping collision

I painted all of the modulation of voice nails with one coat of Ryan and suffer them dry, then went back and did cropped land accent nail as I came to it, in the way that I painted another coat of Ryan and dropped a coupling of drops of Austine on the donation of the nail and used the striping action to create the ombre effect.

I like the track this came out, but I’m not fully convinced if I would use the combo afresh. I might go with silver in place of the copper with these two colors, but I was in a descend mood and wanted a warm elasticity. I need to work on the fuliginous effect next, I may try that by some of the Wishes collection. What’s your preferred ombre effect?

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