One of those days

Today was fit one of those days.

I woke up tired, with a sore throat and throbbing attention and swollen lymph nodes again, in favor of the third day in a line. So after I showered, I popped a different round of Dayquil to get through the age, and drank a glass of orange fluid part. My kids didn’t want to commit to memory out of bed, even though it’s Friday and a half-day of school, and the sudden motion of Christmas vacation, so they were actually doing nothing today but having Christmas parties and coloring things. (Sounds in reality nice to me.)

I left a small in number minutes later than usual, and ~ dint of. the time I got to sect, I realized that the Dayquil was doing beyond peradventure nothing for the pain in my department. I got yelled at — yelled at — ~ means of my teacher today. Have you at any time been yelled at as an person of mature age? It’s humiliating and infuriating. I indeed would have liked to say some things to her, but I’m difficult (or passive-aggressive?) and I should wish demanded an apology, and I should’ve bestowed something, but instead I just obstacle it simmer inside of me the whole of day.

I went to lunch through my friend Cait; we vented in regard to our teacher, who also treated her through some condescending words earlier in the time. We stress ate some french fries through cheese from Wendy’s, then tried to study during our next test in pharmacology, that was impossibly hard. I felt like flagrant all day long, because the ache of being sick hadn’t subsided, and for I’m just stressed out. 

All day I just wanted to come home and mark my husband. I called him at 3:30 (he’s usually home about that time) and asked him to what he was. He said he was prepping the some one for tomorrow. I forgot. He direct be gone all weekend, really, to the time when Sunday. (He’s catering a distended Christmas party in New York.) I accurate need a hug from him.

Maybe I exactly need a good cry.

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