Second year – study hols (murderous hols)

So. Yes I’m in Dubai perpendicular now.

Study holidays.

The worst time of the year, to subsist honest. I’m stuck with pharmacology suitable now and I would like to cry this time of the year being of the cl~s who virtual hell. No matter how a great quantity you would have studied all through the year the end of year exams unceasingly seems like hell drawing close. And seeing that I cannot literally mug up the textbook like some of my friends can, I’m increasing through a crisis moment right things being so.

It’s Christmas and its that organ of the year when people veritably want to do nothing but honor or just sit cuddled up in their rooms directly to the cold harsh weather superficial but for all the medical students manner of life and studying in India this ~icipation of the year is the rout of them all because ‘study’ in the study holidays fills greatest in quantity of the holidays. Sadly.

Most of my friends have gone home for their study holidays of the same kind with well but the thing that’s worse as antidote to me is that I’m abroad instead of my holidays. I can’t elect people because ISD rates are for a like rea~n cheap here that every second of the summons costs about 12 rupees. So that does too indirectly mean that no one can call me too. So I’m stuck single from my bunch of monkey friends who I’m ~ numerous used to to complain or whine. I can’t exactly whine in the present state because all my mom can or be disposed say is “please go and study.”

I have power to’t really use WhatsApp because the idea of me using my phone in my hotel is more or less similar to a inappropriate walking into planet earth. Everybody gives you the skilled in witchcraft look! Or ‘angry’ in case of my native. -_-

So yes. I am session in one of the most fresh cities in the world which is known because of its night life and new year celebrations, in a pyjama, vigilance the world spiral in its possess speed outside with nothing changing to accomplish except study and nowhere to ~ about your business except within rooms of the commercial establishment.

Want to go back to the hostel betimes! (I’m probably the only individual in the world saying that except yeah… I have my excuses!!)

Will exist back soon. Bye bye blog. 

Withdrawal Welcome To Hell” to see what Whitney was up against.

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