The Miracle of the Sun

You are a bantling again and it is the night before that long awaited event. It’s the fall of day before the little league play on the farther side game. You dream of that sovereignty shot you plan to hit above the top the right field fence. Perhaps it is the fall of day before your birthday or Christmas brink. You know that the doll you obtain been longing for is wrapped and tarrying. In bed, you toss and change opinion in excitement and anticipation. You understand what is about to happen is going to exist so joyful and loving to you and everyone you apprehend. I did not think this adumbration of excitement can happen to some old man. It has happened to me in the highest several weeks.

It is interesting to look upon of the things that are required against life. A life with abundant ready health that is happy and jocund. What are those things that you emergency ? Without air, you would die in a few minutes. Without water, you would die in a scarcely any days. Without food maybe you could form it for a couple of weeks. How tardy would you make it without the day-star? Without the sun you would have no food and possibly not sufficiency heat to survive. And could you live on without love? Think of the ordeal in the 1930’s when they tried to sustain babies without touching them. The assay was ended because the babies started to die. Yes aspect, water, food, sun, and love are needed in favor of an abundant life.

For at minutest the last fifty years, our therapeutic professionals have been scaring us from the sun. We have even told people, succeeding Dr. Cook’s proclaimation that vitamin D would cause birth defects in the 1960’s, to hindrance any source of vitamin D. (Note: Dr. Cook was friends of the Kennedys and had important political and public attention.) Chronic disorder has flourished in America as we receive limited our exposure to sun. Now study on vitamin D has shown at minutest fifty health issues that have been proven ~ dint of. clinical trials to be caused ~ dint of. deficiency in this sun driven vitamin. Is that for what cause all the people that I understand over ninety enjoy spending time in the sunshine and make it a habit?

My stimulus is over a second molecule that appears to work along the vitamin D pathways in the dead ~. The two patents that I be delivered of been shown, each make ten exceptional medical claims that are beyond the sort of we would expect of vitamin D. And besides this natural substance is completely trustworthy as it has been consumed by reason of years. The unique novelty of the formulation is in a form that allows the policosanol to become the cell where our biological life happens. Yes that’s perpendicular, just policosanol, an extract primarily of the ~ny place splashed portions of sugar cane and other light washed plants.

I picked one of the ail claims and decided compare how the uncommon formulation worked in a similar habitude as vitamin D. The claim in the manifest is that the formulation of policosonal is one inverse agonist for the vitamin D receptor.   Hunh? I had heard of agonist and opponent, but not an inverse agonist. It is plain to me, that this unique situation has not been defined in a regular course that a novice could understand. Here is one explanation at Wiki and at Pharmacology Corner

The Metadichol®, a fame given the formulation in the plain, puts the vitamin D receptor in a grandeur of action. It most likely is optimizing the work of vitamin D to allow life. This is in what place the good stuff begins that causes you to in fact get excited. The sun created vitamin D has to travel through several chemical/biological conversions to finish to an active state that causes receptor process. This does not seem to be the case with Metadichol®. Once the policosanol is inner the cell, the receptors take performing. Let’s take one of the claims to look if we can show the influence of the sun over the years.

MRSA has be transformed into a true blight on mankind. The claim is that the Metadichol® healed MRSA. There are thousands of deaths in the US either year from this disease. Its sister, sepsis, claims hundreds of thousands of deaths reaped ground year. We know that vitamin D works well during the time that an effective fighter of viruses, on the contrary to also treat bacterial infections is stupefaction. Of course this works in element through the production of a pathogen killer, cathelicidin antimicrobial peptide. The effect has always been, since Niels Finson was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1903 as far as concerns healing lupus vulgaris with UV instruction, the side effect of toxicity. The energetic treatment of using UV irradiation of solemn infections has been phased out. Comments at the Vitamin D Council forward sepsis and a history of treating infections through UV irradiation from The Guyer Institute. This history of treating infections is a to a high degree important read. Through the use of antibiotics, we hold regressed over the last 110 years considering the Niels Finson discovery of what nature has given us with the day-star.

So what could happen at high levels of vitamin D from UV not dark without the toxicity – the influence of vitamin D without having to worry around your serum calcium getting too sharp? What if you could keep your vitamin D in truth active without having to worry surrounding toxicity? We suspect that it would subsist very effective in treating disease. It appears a single symphony of action occurs when Metadichol® is introduced.  Here, the ~ny place has provided us with two routes of hale condition, vitamin D and a plant derived, policosanol. A safe nutraceutical that has been consumed as ancient times. Who is this the hu~ race that came up with a formulation to put up with policosanol to be so effective? – Dr. P.R. Raghavan.

Brief Bio: Dr P. R. Raghavan CEO of Nanorx Inc. has a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from Oregon State University, USA (1979) and a M.S in Chemistry (1972) from I.I.T Mumbai, India. . He has worked without interrupti~ drug discovery for over 25 years at Columbia University, Max-Planck Institute, Germany, Ciba-Geigy (since Novartis) and Boehringer-Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals. His fields of specialization are CNS, Inflammation, AIDS and ACE inhibitors. His experience in drug research includes Chiral composition, process, scale up and clinical scrutiny. He has been working for the continue 12 years in the area of Nutraceuticals and developing environmentally cost effective solutions for Bio-Diesel work.

As with all great leaps in system of knowledge, it seems that one person has the seeing and makes the jump in model. It is never our huge institutions who think this leap. Institutions develop tunnel illusion through the weighing down of institutional coat of mail.. Armor allows only a narrow eye of life through a very microscopic opening. In conversation with Dr. Raghavan, he believes that intellect always gives us robustness and duplication in nice needs of life. For example, he states that we accept two eyes, two kidneys, and brace lungs. There are many examples in biology that own a second pathway, which depends attached what our environment has given us. Dr. Raghavan states that his goal is to give the world a cost effective determined course to health for everyone.

Dr. Raghavan has licensed marketing companies in India, Asia, and lief the Middle East. This represents approximately sixty percent of the world’s populousness. He is presently looking for marketing companies towards the rest of the world. His delineate is to provide no one through an exclusive. Here is a fasten to the company licensed in Thailand, Polilex and a part to a store front page that is loaded with information.  

It is that decline of day before the big event. Life by a method of healing disease that is remarkable. No longer do you have to bawl at the loss of someone be concluded because a serious disease has disrupted life. Only be in ~ with, joy, and peace fill you. I am in such a manner excited – Pandemic Survivor.

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