The Modern Physician: A Glorified Applied Phamacologist?


Posted on: June 3rd 2012

By: Sayer Ji, Founder


I snapped this form an image of on the way to the grocery set by the other day, and was struck through how perfectly the ‘thousand words’ it spoke matched up through my opinion on what people should cheat if ever they are tempted to visit a pharmacy for anything other than necessary items, similar as a nail file or diapers, namely: STOP!

Why am I with equal rea~n repugnant to the concept of frequenting these dispensary institutions? The deed that they not only sell cigarettes, ~-end feature them at the front reckoner, forcing those who may actually be in want of a pill or two to halt all the way to the back to stratagem them, figures somewhere into my sensibility. The fact that they are proliferating like metastatic nodules in ~ one area with a population sufficiently weak and/or over-medicated enough to keep up one (and sometimes two!) on cropped land and every block, has something to terminate with the way I feel as well.

But are the pharmacies verily to blame? They largely fill ecclesiastical office placed by…

The Modern Day Physician: A Glorified, Applied Pharmacologist

Ok, for a like rea~n we have billions of pounds of synthetic chemicals consumed each year as patented drugs, with some army of degreed, licensed and doctored supply with a ~ soldiers prescribing them recklessly under the formerly great banner of “medicine,” in each ongoing war against the body’s potentially infinite capability to generate symptoms, chiefly of which are – ironically – attempts to remedy from acute or chronic exposure to synthetic chemicals.

This station didn’t happen overnight, mind you. Over 250 years ~ne, Voltaire penned these words, which alembic ring so true today:

Doctors are men who order medicines of which they know tiny, to cure diseases of which they be assured of less, in human beings of whom they know nothing. — Francois Marie Arouet Voltaire (1760)

Really, the novel day physician has transmogrified into a technician of the material substance-as-machine (a 500 year worn out, dead “Cartesian” concept, mind you), and is practicing the sort of can best be described as a glorified shape of applied pharmacology.

While administering xenobiotic chemicals to clan is a valid discipline, with life-with exception potential in extreme cases where a noxious influence is needed to whack an completely-stimulated system back away from the margin of self-destruction (which is for what cause mercury and lead were used to the degree that medicines in ancient times, as well), applied pharmacology is not healing art, which is to say a chastisement concerned with the healing of the material part , or better yet, facilitating bodily self-assuaging; nor is the doctor any longer every educator, rather, more a well-paid appurtenance of the global fine chemicals, biologics and pharmaceuticals industries, directing the secretion of their produce in such a way as to maximize advance, limit liability, and suppress the unrepining symptoms without (hopefully) killing them in the series of measures.

So, where does that leave us? The chaotic, unlicensed, non-expert, mass of lyric-persons, who by virtue of of the body incarnation will at some point or another need to address and/or resolve a note of disease, but who do not desire the wherewithal, or even a legitimate right to make treatment decisions since themselves, (e.g. medical marijuana ) or their loved ones (e.g. mandatory vaccines & chemotherapy ).

The Physician As The Priest of the Body

Most of us, each from the moment of birth (usually in a hospital, and not the shadowy way: at home with a midwife ), or from infanthood onward, are enculturated to perceive the of the healing art doctor as the “priest of the material substance,” solely capable and legally empowered to fix upon the course of life and king of terrors, both in times of health and extreme illness. Indeed, the original meaning of the word doctor comes from “Church father” (medieval French) or “godly teacher” (Latin), and still today, they deduce an unquestioning faith in their precept that defies reason, especially considering by what means many patients they kill from correctly prescribed drug each year — 106,000 a year, according to a 1998 meta-separation published in JAMA.

The modern-daytime drug-based medical dictatorship and its overarching competency structure has a cult-like grasp on those who take its pair most lauded sacraments: the pharmakeia (Greek word behind pharmaceutical meaning “pill, potion, magic, sorcery, sacrifice, poison”), and ritual vaccinations .

I rely upon the best way to break the turn is by using the holy grail of the stipulated medical model itself, namely: the associate-reviewed, published “scientific evidence,” and specifically those studies which support natural approaches to illness prevention and treatment; and by using that notice, both to inform our choices, at the same time that well as defend them when they are for that which is less than intellectual or regulatory assault., we have power to continue to choose foods, spices, herbs, renewed air, exercise, good company, laughter, etc. viewed like our health care without the specter of scientism or therapeutical monotheism forcing us into its unsalable article- and injection-based model of compelling treatment.

Utilize The Research You’ve Already Paid For exists in a primary manner in order to index, aggregate and promulgate the positive findings on natural – farm-acological – substances that be possible to be found within the ocean of research produced by the biomedical research and publishing industries, whose chief funding sources are Big Pharma, and its handmaiden, terraqueous globe governments, who are increasingly co-opted ~ the agency of billions of dollars of lobbying coin , and who are now populated by an army of their former executives, function employees and partners.

World governments, in fact, have even underwritten the risks associated with the countless vaccine-associated injuries that occur every year by virtually eliminating the liabilities of the manufacturers, and those general and private organizations that aggressively dignify their use; this, despite the manifest lack of evidence for their purported effectiveness. Private insurers discern the epidemic of vaccine-associated injuries is in the way that extensive (e.g. autism) that they stand to throw away everything for betting on that stallion.

So, considering that YOU have paid concerning the research, both through government taxation, and the exorbitantly remote drug mark-ups (cancer drugs may subsist as high as 500,000% from cost) that increasingly defraud the public as well-as; not only-but also; not only-but; not alone-but of their health and their competence, it is only fitting that you take ownership of it. In the distracted rush to find “lead compounds” from essential sources in order to develop patented, synthetic analogues, Big Pharma has generated – thoughtlessly – a mountain of evidence supporting the relative length, if not also the superiority of ingenuous substances vis-à-vis their would-have existence drug equivalents.

Take our cancer inquiry page, as an example. We acquire indexed 2600 studies straight from the national domain (NLM’s Medline) on the anti-cancer exercise of over 600 natural substances. Remarkably, some of these have potent activity to counter-poise drug and multi-drug resistant cancers and cancer descent-cells, which are at the foundation of why modern chemotherapy and irradiance treatments not only fail but consideration greater malignancy post-treatment.

Were a single one of these compounds patentable, they would pleasing have received attention, and some the requisite 800+ million dollars of funding needed to about the multi-phased human clinical trials the FDA requires in the presence of considering drug approval. The fact that the MONEY, and not the genuine potential of a substance to cure, determines whether it will be brought to mart, that is, be used to lessen the suffering of the sick, is a disturbing certainty.

Ultimately, it is to our gardens, our relish racks and local markets that we be obliged to go to obtain, maintain and continue our health. We hope that the 19,000 study abstracts up~ our site, which are available by reason of everyone to view in their entirety, will encourage people to see that farmaceuticals and not (p)harmaceuticals are the yet to be of medicine, if there is to be a future to medicine. Please portion the research housed on with others in need, so our labor will not have been performed in vain. Also, granting that you have not already, please take a front at our turmeric research below as being a better understanding of what our project is all about…

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