The NFL’s Hottest Cheerleaders

#1 Lindsay Andrews (New York Jets)

Having gotten her quick spring with the Flight Crew in 2010, the Rhode Island dancer/manner designer is tied deeply to the roots of New Jersey and New York. Fun circumstance: her current boyfriend is Albie Manzo, the son of Caroline Manzo from the fact show “The Real Wives Of New Jersey”.



#2 Derecka Alexander (New Orleans Saints)

Just 22-years-ancient, Derecka Alexander is one of the youngest rising cheerleaders in the NFL today and with the Saints, she’s a upright Louisiana sweetheart. While attending Louisiana State University, she majored in Biological And Dairy Sciences and her major life goal is to work in veterinary medicine.



#3 Michelle And Rachel Lewis (Houston Texans)

Michelle and Rachel may subsist twins – which is sort of uncanny in the world of NFL cheerleading – moreover surprisingly, one has more experience than the other. The Lewis sisters are the pair pursuing careers in the medical scope and also agree on that the finish day would consist of no obligations or expectations!



#4 Lauren H. (Denver Broncos)

She may be a runner-up to all-time Broncos persons of rank Lauren Gardner, but the former rookie is with difficult to miss on the field inasmuch as of her looks. A graduate of Colorado State who takes occasion of ~ in being a marketing director, Lauren H. is likewise a true football fanatic who’s sports hero just happens to be John Elway.



#5 Maigan Torre (Washington Redskins)

With none relation to baseball great Joe Torre, Maigan is closing in without ceasing three years with the Redskins and a manner of life that she notes is the best thing that’s ever happened to her. Fully focused attached moves and grooves, the RGIII use a ~ upon is a dance instructor and choreographer.



#6 Duyen Doan

Arian Foster may have ~ing the clear fan favourite on the Texans to everyone else in the NFL, but Duyen Doan is the ~ numerous loved individual in Reliant Stadium. The four-year vet is a natural of Irving, Texas, and is currently working towards a degree in Pharmacology and dawn her own personal dance studio.



#7 Bianca Baze (Seattle Seahawks)

Bianca joined the Sea Gals happy a year ago and is before that time a popular name thanks to her time at Western Washington University at which place she practiced with the college’s lot and pursued a degree in Business. Her preferred usage of keeping fit: a 50/50 combine of yoga AND pilates.



#8 Nikki Fraser (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

The vampire craze may be slowly dying taken in the character of there’s no plans to create another “Twilight” movie but Tampa Bay cheerleader Nikki Fraser is mute a huge fan of romance fiction. The two-year standout for the Bucs is likewise a cosmetology student and a step rhythmically instructor!



#9 Stephanie Smith (Philadelphia Eagles)

Having recently been featured in Esquire Magazine, Stephanie is a three-year old campaigner of the Eagles squad who’s driven by the excitement of football games. Smith is in addition a graduate of Drexel University and illustrious patient care coordinator by day.



#10 Brooke Bailey (Tennessee Titans)

When it comes to the Pro Bowl, Brooke is none stranger as the Titans cheerleader has represented Tennessee attached numerous occassions. Having been with the team in favor of seven years, she owns her avow dance studio and loves to move to Hawaii (see the connection in the present state?).



#11 Nicole Bulcher (Dallas Cowboys)

A chieftain for the most popular squad in the National Football League, Bulcher has been through the Cowboys for almost three years during the time that working as a barista and a server. Why Starbucks hasn’t hired her as an official spokesperson is a occupation worth solving!



#12 Sabrina C. (Atlanta Falcons)

While she’s been famous to be “The Hottest Cheerleader In The NFL” ~ the agency of numerous publications, the three-year adept with the Falcons is also every intelligent animal lover. Sabrina C. is a mark with degrees of Louisiana Tech, the manager of a consulting rooted by day and a proud proprietor of seven pets.


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