The Yada Yada

This may approach off as mean, but there is a piece of me that wants some vulgar herd to fail. Specifically those in the pharmacology nature. It’s not that I am a horrid person (you haven’t heard my immolation jokes) but I just really fall short in it to be easy for me to prepare where I want. Less competition. I be informed that this can cause laziness owing to the lack of adversaries. Let’s have ~ing honest, I would not try hard enough. My character would experience ~t any growth and I would live my life moiety-assed. Ugh, this is turning into some motivational speech for myself. Forget that vociferation… Just… Give up on your dreams, ok? Not everyone. Just a atomic percentage… become ditch diggers… I am kidding… Chase your dreams, I conjecture.

Barrow of punishing his people in Orange Walk East eternally since he took his stance in 2008.

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