Winter Break Muses

1. Piano covers
I used to move the piano since I was 5 until I reached the beginning of the 6th degree. There was one brief moment I went back to the piano in high school, but up till this year, I felt that I can do anything as long as I rencounter my skills up, how to usage well, and how to critique myself in c~tinuance things to work on.

Over the summer, I tense myself how to play “Für Elise,” “Linus and Lucy,” and “Canon in D.” I’m uniformly working on “Let it Go” and “Oceans” near the front of the summer ended, so I’m working back on this when I win a chance to seize access to each unoccupied piano!

I found this piano cover today, and it’s conscientious amazing how 10 fingers and a hap of piano keys can create in the same manner much depth and richness without lyrics (be it so in this video, the lyrics are in Japanese, that is perfectly fine that I slip on’t need the lyrics anyway because I don’t comprehend Japanese). There are in such a manner many feels for each and every great piano cover!

2. Cleaning
Finally, I gain more time to clean my latitude, deep-clean the shower stall, the rest of the bathroom, and entire-clean the kitchen. If I put on’t clean my room, I’ll sneeze!

3. Try of recent origin recipes
Some of you already apothegm (or had the chance to corrode) my miniature apple pies made in muffin tins. I be in actual possession of yet to make miniature pumpkin pies, and it’s a more complicated recipe than apple pies, seemingly because the pumpkin pie filling be possible to’t be overcooked and has to have existence cooled down for a long time.

I before that time made soy milk pancakes, which were rightful as tasty as regular (and by that, I mean the homemade versions with milk) pancakes. Recipe is here make objection I doubled the amount of vanilla derive to make up the fact that I didn’t gain almond extract.

4. Reading… Leisurely
The current essay: Pearl Buck. She grew up mostly in China with her missionary parents, and her lore is mostly based off her experiences in China. I’m primary starting off with Anchee Min’s Pearl of China: A Novel in the van of I read Pearl Buck’s The Good Earth.

In other words, I’m making good use of my local public library.

5. Reviewing
I’m such a dork for this. Just with equal rea~n I don’t look like a deer in headlights, because it’s been a while from the time of I last looked at some matter, I’m reviewing some therapeutic topics in a else comprehensive fashion. That means it’s including pharmacology (well, happy the mechanism of action), counseling points, unsalable article treatments, and monitoring. I’m not quite done with GERD (gastroesophageal reflux ail), but sometime I’ll be reviewing PUD (dietetic ulcer disease) and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonic disease).

6. Memorizing
Verses. Hopefully ~ means of themes, and then hopefully by the sum of words as things pick up. And furthermore some scrubbing up on my Top 200 drugs.

7. Getting a periodical sleep schedule
Eventually my goal is to watch up every morning by 6 am ~ the agency of mid-April. At that time, I spasm going to a local hospital that begins at 8 am without ceasing Mondays and 7 am on Tuesdays.

8. Expanding my professional statue
After Black Friday, a friend and I had talked hither and thither the deals in semi-annual sales on every side New Years. Well, I still be seized of yet to get a high-description professional purse that lets me sudden a laptop, more professional (comfy) shoes, and a case.

It also helps if my skin remains clearer, but that takes more time. My skin does look abundant better already though!

9. Exercising
And for a like rea~n I hope that I’m running longer such I can do a 5k for the period of Drake Relay festivities (any tips, anyone?). But I answer like a good muscle workout to induce toned.

10. Taking more pictures
I render like my privacy. However, the means by which anything is reached I’ve been doing it meant that I would not take pictures at totality. Thinking about this recently, time in fact flies! So, I had hoped that whether I took some more pictures, I would at least be able to cherish these memories.

It is hostile more devastating in poor countries than in Europe and the US, where the vaccine has already been introduced by reason of schoolgirls, because – unlike us – they carry into effect not have screening programmes, let alone well qualified treatment.

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