Work Load and the Memory loss with Fun

Finally, 11th week comes to an end it mean an alarming epoch is waiting from next week. I accomplished various anxious and funny aspects in this week. Like for the re~on that I mentioned before, I was highly relaxed as submitted my essay towards Essential of Pharmacology on time but just realized that I forget to submit hardcopy of it and today was its deadline. Thanks God in that place is still a day. Also we were shocked while received a sudden email from Dr. Bill to submit broadside till thursday 9:00 am. honest one day before. I completed my poster on the same day till 2:00 am taken in the character of had no choice.

I supposed that I managed the toil load efficiently but again I forget there is one important task beneficial to Pharmacology Special topics left before the next week. Now I have to be upon it at whole weekend grant that I am suffering from headache and flu.

Working apart, final Wednesday I attended a graduation faction from one of my friend conscientious before completing my poster. It was at kababish (a Pakistani restaurant). We had a great fun and we made photos in quest of our memory. After the dinner we planned to had a walk and chit-~ter but couldn’t go over it considered in the state of both me and Nafeesa had to perfect our poster. Here are some photos of the adversity.



Next week is likewise busy for us as we inclination have poster presentation, data analysis and valuation. It’s too much to point of concentration in a week and all these cost a lot for our final exams arise. At the moment I am reasonable irritating from my headache that donot bear me to do anything 🙁


This highway can be discovered to add put ~ an support by now underserving summaries and produce proper patient fruits.

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