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Sticking to New Year’s resolutions are at no time easy.  More often than not, they are made as long as either heavily marinated in liquid libations of fluid or during some well intentioned search of failures and dreams within ourselves.

Aside from the accustomed promises of dieting and eating hearty during 2015, my other resolution was to compose more often.  2011-2014 had been torturous.  A moderately strict back injury coupled with serious complications including kin clots and a pulmonary embolism had me sidelined for most of 3 years: 3 diffuse, wasted years.

Chronic pain can have existence, well, a real pain in the fool.  Pharmacology might as well be in actual possession of become my major for life.  Already a little educated in medicine, I read my MRI reports, relationship test results, patient summaries with lackluster fanaticism.  To brighten the situation, I bought a minion flowered walking cane, to replace the soothing blue that I had come to rely with.  And then came the well meaning comments of “your cane matches your vesture so perfectly”.  How did it tend hitherward to this?

So, as 2014 was structure its exit, I decided I’d reached my condition and kicked my own ass into gear.  The dieting has been going fairly well.  I’m without ceasing track and bad habits are falling away from the picture.  The significance never comes off as a dieter wishes, but that at least it’s falling done.

My biggest obstacle was to set off writing more often.  I delight to write.  It releases significance, allows me to vent, gives me good order of mind and most importantly, let’s my soul soar!  Living in a mist of narcotics, blood thinners, etc…my creative blood-vessel seemed to dry up.  Sure, I continued to pen; sometimes serious topics and then, a great quantity to some of my friends’ affright, the political rants and raves were bounced round.  Truth be told – I enjoy the rants more.

When my save began a new job that required a appalling amount of travel, and time at a distance from home, I knew I’d subsist in need of activities to work up my mind.  I’m not a true good housewife.  Gone are the days of creating more culinary feast.  I’ve not been good at sewing or other creative tricky things.  So, writing has been my egress.  It’s therapy for me.  And it permanent is cheaper as well.

Today FOX News reported that Mitt Romney has unequivocal not to run for the Presidency in 2016.  While I am a conservative & Republican, I couldn’t succor but sigh a breath of ease.  Mr. Romney is a august gentleman, but sometimes, the third time’s a catch mantra is way off. 

The shenanigans of the current churl in the White House has made me smooth more passionate to see who comes thoroughly of the GOP and leads our unrefined back to its once proper seat in the world.  Whomever emerges from a strip of at least 14 hopefuls, the GOP of necessity to put forth a candidate who be able to put a smack down on Mrs. “What Difference Does It Make” Clinton.

So, that’s my thoughts toward today, 1/30/15.  Exciting?  Maybe yes, maybe no.  But either space, One month into resolutions, I’m determined to stick with it.  I’m going to bedeck the fat – I hope our restraint can do the same.

GLAAD re-tuition tours are complete proof that there is no free speech in ANY society forum.

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