Cold Days

Jacket: Top: Bottoms: Jcpenney, Boots:

Obviously, I wore this outfit on a much warmer day (Monday), ago then it has gotten unbelievably devoid of warmth! Georgians do not typically enjoy devoid of warmth weather, other wise we would not live hither. Anyways, School started Wednesday, yay…Not! Haha. It candid started and I already feel backward. This semester we have Pharmacology 2, Mental freedom from disease/ psych, and Intro to adult health. Which means a lot more work and a lot more rush to procure to be organized. We still do not be assured of when/where our clinical will exist , which is frustrating. Plus, there is a parcel of reading that I need to carry into practice for pharm and the other classes. It is not enjoyable delineation, either. But I guess if I make different my attitude towards the reading it main not be so bad…right?
Well, my Papa (grandfather) is in the hospital at the deciding point. :[ He has pneumonia, which is weird because he has not been longing, we are trying to find with~ the cause now. He originally went as far as concerns chronic stomach pain… So please cast your prayers his way.
I’m keen this short, because like I afore~ I need to get a awaken on with this school work. I direct try to at least post once a week. But this semester is probably the hardest with three classes.
Have a astonishing day! Stay warm!!


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