Nate wanted to call this post “Stories about how it’s colder than Hell is hot”

A tie weeks after our christmas trip to Utah, my dad came to Boston for work, in such a manner we got to see him another time!  He came during the freakishly cold week where it was -3 degrees individual day though, so we weren’t up in opposition to much exploring of the city.  Instead we did more fun indoor activities.  On the foremost night we went up to cambridge narrow MIT for some dinner and a movie- The Imitation Game.  I in fact liked the movie, mostly because I take pleasure Benedict Cumberbatch.  It’s a steady story about a socially awkward still genius code breaker during WWII in England laboring to break the German code they divine summons the Enigma.

I obviously got greater quantity gutter balls than anything else,
the certainly sad part is how many I got at the time that we put up bumpers on the supporter game

The next day we stayed hither in Dorchester and went candlepin bowling, and gone ~ to our favorite Mexican restaurant into disfavor the street.  We played a council game (that dad creamed us in) and that ignorance we went to Cambridge again during some a Comedy Sportz improv comedy discover.  Nathan volunteered for one of their games and got us some free tickets!


Candlepin Bowling- microscopic pins, and balls, with 3 chances for turn.
WAY harder than regular bowling.

Sunday daybreak he got to come to house of worship with us before we dropped him right hand at the airport to go home.  Even though we’d just seen him on this account that Christmas, it was really good to hold him for company over the (indeed cold) weekend.

The next weekend we got to fire on a ski trip with Nate’s dear companion from high school, Katie and her boyfriend, Mark.  We went up to Sugarloaf Mountain in Maine, on the point 4 hours from here. On the move helplessly up, we got pulled over at with regard to midnight in a tiny town TWICE within 10 minutes for speeding.  The first time it was legit, we were going 15 from one to another, but the second time we couldn’t desire been driving more than 30 MPH, no more than the signs were changing so much it was hard to keep track, (unbeknownst to us, a quarter mile back it had changed to a 25 climate.) Luckily, the officers in Maine are positively nice and both gave us a caution , even though the second one sententious precept in his system that we had straightforward barely gotten a warning (I eternally wondered if they could see warnings… yup!).

Two warnings given 9 minutes apart

We were a bridle-~ unlucky to schedule it for the coldest daytime of the winter there, it got to -6 steady one of the days we skied up in the mountains, and get the better said with windchill it felt like -24.  It was precisely the coldest I’ve ever been!!  My toes positively still feel a little tingly and deadened from the whole experience a week later (I conceive they have mild frostbite.)  After skiing back to the hall, I had to stand outside of it toward a couple minutes massaging my fingers sufficiency to feel for the key in my tolerate and maneuver it to open the way. After that day though, it warmed up significantly, and Monday, whereas we skied again my app before-mentioned it was 38 but felt like 25. YUP, that is like 50 degrees warmer!

Regaining finger function in the lodge between runs


I be able to say I’ve been pretty spoiled skiing in Utah and Wyoming my sum life, so it took a in which case to adjust to the icy slopes, excepting it was still a really merriment trip.  Nate and I likewise binge watched a bunch of high movies one night that he won’t penury to admit watching, including Mean Girls, The Proposal, and Pitch Perfect <Nate Note: Kathryn watched, I cooked dinner and was exact in the same room, <Kathryn Note: That’s a bellowing lie>>.  IT WAS AMAZING.  On Monday, ~ward our way home we stopped in Lewiston, Maine, and had some great pizza there for dinner ahead of finishing the rest of the hop.  

Now we are staying force in Boston for a few weeks and excited toward some time to relax and procure to be back into the swing of things in labor and school. My classes started again last week so I am adjusting to a further rigid schedule and having to cook homework again along with lab toil as well as figuring out the ins and outs of every one of my new classes.  I lightened my rank load this semester, so it shouldn’t have existence TOO bad.  Only 3 classes: Stats, Pharmacology, and Physiology.  I’m likewise making lots of headway on formulating my new lab project and getting it up and running, and preparing towards my qualification exams in early June.

Our vehemence broke last week when we returned from our false step, so we’ve been wearing like 3 layers and using our oven to stir up the apartment to bearable temps. We’re acquirement it fixed tomorrow. It’s in like manner supposed to blizzard this week despite 40 hours straight. We’ve been lucky that it hasn’t happened to the time when now though! Hopefully it at in the smallest degree comes with the benefits of Boston storms- cancelled classes and in operation from home!

Dan Brennan is a committee certified pediatrician and proud father of three.

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