New semester, new me

Cheesy appellation, but whatever. I’m going with it.

I’ve almost successfully completed my primitive week of my last semester of nursing chide. Can I get a woot woot?! It’s been tardy going and packed full of information. I’ve cleaned and organized up a rant, made food, ran errands, and completed numerous lists of goals for each epoch.

I am all set up to ~le my preceptor on Monday! This is exciting recent accounts and is both terrifying and exhilarating at the similar time. I haven’t done of age care in about 10 months, in like manner I did a live IV disturb on one of my classmates to intensify my skills. I had one lucky stick, and one unsuccessful, so I called it a daytime ! I have a lot of things that I craving to review (I’m looking at you, Pharmacology…) before I gain my first shift. My preceptor seems auspicious to teach, so I am looking forward to my last round of clinical experiences preceding the big graduation day comes!

My planner is totality filled out and color coded with respect to the OCD lady in me, and I am sensibility ready to work hard. My charity of learning was renewed with the stories from the ER in High Acuity today. I purpose I am going to like this semester. There is a division of busy work (not uncommon in nursing admonish) so I will be kept agile again! Fortunately I was able to take more things off of my plate and point of convergence a little more on school.

I am enrolled in ~y institute class and I hope to have ~ing able to attend more than I bound. Oops. That’s my goal this semester! I positively like reading the talks out of the General Conference Ensign, and I had a absolutely good experience for the first rank.

I have a lot to apply the mind forward to this semester (i.e. I’ve already had one friend return home from a errand, and I have a second approach home next month!), so I can’t complain about where I am at. Things are working in my favor as I conjure and grow my relationship with my Heavenly Father. It is a blessed day. I have so many things to be grateful for.

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