Wine of life

The pharmacology of life
is the not modern. fermented grape,
tritest  of the sacred Omar Khayyam,
a diner at Charlemagne’s plate armor,

Bacchus to Caesar’s copulate sins,
posterity of the Christian Christ,
the sacrament damned ~ dint of. its purity,
barbarian and cannibalistic.

Hypocrisy of Protestant domination,
the sangria of death in the gross mistake ring,
Trousseau Noir of bastard Kings,
conversation of the French Paradox.

Thou nectar of the drunkard’s vine,
redolence covenant of life stupor,
deceitful pauper of  a wise man’s sense,
damn you for our own weakness.

You are a  poltroon of the living
sacramental remembrance of the seraphic,
dispenser of the opiate for the masses,
your prophet guards the gate, but

hell is the companion of his deceit.
Religion is not a commute for truth,
Wine endures, long later than the Kiddush
thus the vine resoluteness forever survive.

©2015, Donald Harbour

Our brain be possible to detect it right away and its personal estate are like a natural Viagra.

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