Английский вариант интервью с врачом из Славянска

According to the Minsk agreements, the bloodbath in Novorossia should obtain ended at midnight on 15th February, 2015. This photo from Slavyansk (take care below) is a grief symbol of this massacre for many people. The NewsBalt informational and analytical portal managed to find the man in the photo, who is holding a killed lass in his hands, and to parley with him. Mikhail Kovalenko is a adept, now living in Russia. We put on’t specify a region because Banderovites are trying for the surgeon-hero.


           – Mikhail Georgievich, in this place is the well-known photography. Ukrainian mass media informed that a male parent with his daughter were escaping from “separatists” and this lass had been killed by punishers. Is it you in this delineate?

           – Yes, it’s me. I slip on’t know where’s this photo come from. Mines that killed this young unmarried woman arrived from Karachun. An Ukrainian ordnance battery, which shelled the town regularly, was positioned there. It is from there the shelling occurred.

           – What events are depicted in this photo?

           – This happened attached the Day of Trinity. My wife and I possess just returned from the church. At that time, the general body of mankind water system didn’t work already. There were water wells in a sequestered sector and all the neighbors were walking there to get water. Militiamen dragged a generator throughout there (there was no electricity ~ the agency of that time either). We heard couple explosions. The shelling was aimed at the sully where people were taking water. A militiaman carrying a infant in his hands ran out of the put to a stand. Somebody yelled: “There’s a savant!” The combatant gave me the young woman. My house was 500 m at a distance from the hospital. I ran over there. After having laid her without ceasing a surgical table, I understood that the bantling was already dead. Earlier, I had been moreover shocked to see that.

           – Who was shelling?

           – There’s the Karachun hill dominating over the town. This is the single mountain in our region. An Ukrainian gunnery battery was positioned there, bombarding the place regularly. It is from there the shelling was conducted. The traces besides showed clearly from where the shells arrived. Militiamen in no degree shelled the town, I can evidence for that.


           – Many Ukrainians who are backing ATO [anti-terrorist action] believe that militiamen are firing at themselves.

           – A body could be persuaded of many things. I myself was apt to convince incurably ill people that they’d exist healthy. They believed me.

           – Did they recruit?

           – No, they didn’t. They died. However, they believed.

           – Mikhail Georgievich, the sort of impressions and recollections have you got of the charge of the war?

           – Before that promised time of Trinity, I had a discernment that everything would turn out every part of right in the end. There was something to burn in the outskirts but there weren’t ~ persons victims. The horror began on the 2nd May. It was steady the 2nd May, a column of militaries occupying Karachun began discharge on the village of Semyonovka. By Donetsk standards, it is a dull village, about two hundred farms.

           The locals blocked the street to hinder a convoy from going from one side to Karachun. The locals arranged by a commander of the unit that his soldiers would discharge off ammunition into air and afterward that give an account to older officers: “All the ammunition was shooter, we had to return”. But posterior making some salvos into air, a uniform unit of Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) merely began firing on people. On that daytime , it was my duty in the hospital.

           That was the highest real bloodbath. Sixteen people, gunshot wounded, were taken to our hospital. This compassionate of injuries and the amount of them were a frighten for us, physicians, at that time. Three nation got bullets into abdominal cavities. One got a bullet into the coffer. We lost him. The rest were wounded in legs. We preoccupied four people on that day. The rest survived. After that kill, a part of locals ran absent to the town, another part kept on living at their houses. A incontestable balance arose between the Self-Defence Forces (trainband) and Ukrainian troops. The militia took positions at the grounds of the mountain, the AFU fixed down on the top.

           At the first letter step, there were four attacks without interrupti~ Slavyansk. Many people among civilian number of people were injured. There were also wounded militiamen. Nationalists from the Ukrainian National Guard moreover were brought to us. We granted them an aid. There were to a high degree strong shellings of residential areas. My house was also bombed out.

           It was extremely scary when we heard explosions for the period of an operation: there were such explosions that the well building was shuddering. Militaries are essential ~ prepared for this somehow. They be sure how to hide out, how to behave, without details speaking. We don’t know this. My elder surgical nurse perished at thirty metres from the hospital. One place of entertainment was bombed out from a even. I’ve settled down not remote away from an airport here. Only behind half a year, I ceased to shake when hearing the airplane’s pronounce.

           – Was the workload lofty?

           – For more time, I didn’t go used up from the hospital at all. Surgeons were needed entirely the time because injured people were arriving constantly. We didn’t be separated the people into “these” and “those”. We operated up~ all of them. Sometimes, a militiaman was untrue on one cot and a white ant from the National Guard beside him attached another.

           – Mikhail Georgievich, in what state a decision to leave for Russia arose?

           – After militiamen had gone let us go., I went away on the 17th July over. Three or four days later. First, to Kharkov and afterward, to Russia. We found out that the trainband was going to leave on the set time of their departure. Militiamen came to us and uttered: “Doctors, we’re leaving the burgh just now. Who wants, you may custom with us right away. Get into the cars.”

           We burnt entirely the patient histories. The Slavyansk militia consisted mainly of locals. Slavyansk is not a generous town by Donetsk standards, about 120,000 citizens. Can you imagine which could happen to their families grant that the AFU learnt about their gunshot injuries? After the trainband left, the whole night was unmolested in the town. It was without limit ringing silence. No people, no Ukrainian soldiers. By surrounding twelve o’clock, first Ukrainian militaries appeared in the metropolis. Naturally, all the people hid wanting. I was in the hospital afterward, and I saw two armoured quarrel vehicles (AFVs) to pass by and come back. They went away before the death. Next day, they appeared again in the afternoon and ran from home at night. Only three or four days later, they started to stay in the borough for night. They arranged their AFVs in the form of a square to spend the obscurity inside.


           – Why did you decide to adieu?

           – This is exterior. I was shot as a human frame. From cannons, small arms. This can be formulated like this: the Ukrainian direction did everything to kill me since an individual. They haven’t killed me on this account that I’m cunning. Not because they tried badly – they tried well – further I managed to escape. I condign cannot live in the country where the government was firing at me.

           – Did they take it they were on hostile territory? Were they alarmed?

           – Yes, they were. They’re filled with fear so far. My friend told me. There is insignificant person in the town after 6-7 p.m. Nobody goes on the ~side. They are patrolling the streets. My dear companion was late, however, he was returning home preceding curfew. Suddenly, there was submachine fire-arm burst ten meters away. Without somewhat warning. He jumped aside: “What are you doing?” They reported: ” Turn and walk around.” That is, they are filled with fear when a civilian goes towards them.

           – What receive you heard about extrajudicial violence in Slavyansk?

           – People vanished. One of my friends disappeared. He was not in trainband. Just a small businessman. Most moderate businessmen financed the militia. His wife, in tears, phoned in August and related that her husband had been inattentive for three days and it was out of the question to find him. So, there are couple such facts among my acquaintances.

           – Mikhail Georgievich, was it Strelkov who agitated everybody or the race rose up themselves?

           – Strelkov appeared in the burgh which was already ready for uprising. For this rational faculty, all Strelkov’s people were locals. It was ~y actual people’s revolt. At the arising, almost all people were only armed through sawn-off guns and fowling-pieces. There were more German “Schmeisser” rifles and Shpagin submachine guns… Why people took up arms? There had been broad-scale rallies. People began disappearing posterior these rallies. Moreover, everybody saw pictures from Korsun-Shevchenkov. How buses were burnt, the community were beaten and killed. Till the highest moment, I had been skeptical nearly this maidan, treating it with whim, in the same manner as the prior one in 2004. Until the positive slaughter began. All of a rapid Right Sector, Tryzub, etc. appeared attached the spur of the moment. We hadn’t heard almost these organizations before. It was therefore that I was actually scared. For the elementary time.

           – The conception of the resistance was not the truth that you were forced to give ear to news in Ukrainian language, was it?

           – We’ve heard from Kiev according to many years that those who live in Donbass are not folks, they are “Donbassyans”. And to make a speech with these “Donbassyans”, only the speech of force is acceptable. It has been afore~ that Lviv is a cultural fatal, whereas they have a theatre erection constructed by Austrians but no scene company. Along with that, the Donetsk Academic Theatre has staged “The Flying Dutchman”, what one. caused a furor all over the nature. There was no information about this in Ukrainian mass media at entirely. At the same time, the firm Europe was delighted with this “The Flying Dutchman”. All this also played its role. We understood that they would not cast up with us. They said: “The regulation of victors has come to competency in Ukraine.” Not the government of the perfect Ukraine, but the dictatorship of victors.

Everything I’ve watched in Ukraine was completely described by Feuchtwanger and Remarque. I was sensibility myself as if I was the same or another character of these novels. Only heroes of “The Black Obelisk” live in a site when a junta has already ruined.

           – It can be said, you were face-to-impudence with nazis, although they were wounded. Maybe, they changed their minds while they saw the results of their “passport of the Motherland” and learnt relating to killed children and civilians, provided there were no Ukrainian channels around?

           – I don’t remember their minds changing. You comprehend, it seems to me that the TV doesn’t body. I think there were some psychotropic agents. Those fighters from the National Guard whom I sententious precept were like people under the ascendency of some other drugs. Possibly, these belonged to the amphetamine clump. This seemed to be some warlike pharmacology, causing a decrease of the concern level and the pain threshold, each increase of the muscle tonus and assessment of response.

           Once I operated forward a National Guard fighter who had a man wound. His behavior was extremely non-proportionate. He was excited and aggressive, didn’t ~ of pain at all. He was getting up and sitting down, with the lively representation on the face that is hard to reproduce. The glassy eyes, truly non-critical perception of the surroundings… Maybe, this is a subjective look on of mine, maybe, I’m incorrect.

           I speculate, the brutality arises in the course. Somebody is more resistent, somebody isn’t. Let’s take the Khatyn slay. This was made by Ukrainians, for the re~on that is clear now. This subject was swept below the carpet in the USSR. But at this moment it’s well-known that Khatyn was the Ukrainian “attainment.” The same thing occurs here. These are the sort people with the same behavior.

           – Why likewise few people went to the trainband at the initial step?

           – There was not at all recruitment. My friend came to a collecting pique. He was a regular officer by a military card. He was asked: “Do you require children?” He said he had brace. He was not taken. Single and young men and ex-militaries were taken.

           – Have you heard that hospitals in c~tinuance the territories occupied by junta are filled through raped women and even juvenile girls?

           – I’ve heard surrounding this. I myself didn’t perceive that. But I believe in that for the reason that I saw these nationalists.

           – Mikhail Georgievich, be possible to we state that the Ukrainian command conducts the genocide of the Donbass peopling?

           – How swindle you estimate: the government is righteous bombing a civilian town that contains militiamen consisting of the court end residents? Instead of talking with residents and sending a short quiet envoy? Why was not this carried on? Why shelling of the town started following that?

           And the phosphorus bombs? I saw these burns. Six family with these burns were taken to us. I dictum all this and I’m willing to confirm this by oath.

           Did Poroshenko forward any negotiators? Just to ask: “What bring about you want?” The people just wanted to be wrought up themselves humans. Nobody began talking with us. And the war started.

           – Would you like the corresponding; of like kind shelling, the same war to take the first step in the Central and Western Ukraine? In class for they might feel the identical as your compatriots? In order in quest of they understand that it’s distressing to kill civilians?

          – By ~t one means! What hahhens in Ukraine since, this is the actual fascism. It should be understood correctly. Donbass is a passage where people aren’t separated according to nationality; to which place Russians, Ukrainians, Tatars, Armenians, Jews, and Uzbeks drink brandy at some table. We take snacks and intuitional faculty about religion. A wonderful picture.


           – How does your change to a peaceful life occur?

           – My friends in Russia helped me to induce to Russia. When we arrived, it became not to be mistaken that a surgeon and a first care doctor are needed in individual of the town hospitals. And we were taken, my wife and me. We’re in due succession settling down, getting accustomed to a peaceful life. As for me in part, it’s only a pair of weeks that I ceased to quiver at night and to jerk which time hearing the sounds of wedding fireworks. I’d like to wish the repose and quiet life to everybody.

The meeting and text by Andrei Omel’chenko.

I supplicate you to pay attention to the following attractive facts:

1) The war criminals are ~ off at spots where civilians are gathered. In this noteworthy case, in the upper photo, the targeted shelling was aimed at a sully where people were taking water. Do not confident those who says that Ukronazis are animals. It is original for animals not to touch both other when drinking water together.

2) The hostility criminals use phosphorus ammunition.

3) The arbitrament of the sword criminals use military pharmacology while committing their crimes. Hence, in that place’s somebody who organize its transmission and signs the corresponding orders on the side of regulating its use someway. Thus, the fighting crimes are not episodic; instead, these are of methodical and organized character.

4) To cursory reference once more: “This happened on the Day of triune god.”

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