012-022 / If you fell down yesterday, stand up today

The primary three weeks of university has been overwhelmingly stressful. I had every exam in the first week, that I already spoke about in my extreme post. Every week, I had practicals, that I don’t mind as far-reaching as they go well. But sorrowfully this isn’t usually the matter of inquiry as something goes wrong in the practical, which means writing the report becomes tolerably difficult. Before reading week, I have 6 practical assignments due, and in the way that far, I have only completed some, so there’s still a lengthy way to go. If there’s human being positive thing I can say around practicals is I achieved 70%+ forward all practical assignments last term, unless for one which I achieved 60%+ and it’s suppress good. Then, there’s housing issues, what one. I’ll write about once everything is confirmed. Oh, a thing really ridiculous also happened but fortunately you don’t need to regard it as I already ranted to my most profitably friends and there’s no destitution to dwell on it anymore. These things put on’t affect me as badly as they did the first time, for now I’m seeing the sportive side of the situation and I’m vexation it as a life lesson.

To equalizing agency the negativity of this post, I pleasure be sharing pictures of project 365, what one. captured the positive things that has happened for the period of the first two weeks of universal school. Also I got a new lens, the Sigma 17-50mm f2.8 lens, and I’ve been using it continually since I got it. I actually love using the new lens inasmuch as it has a fast maximum rift of f2.8 and it produces swindler images. Also, I can zoom and employment autofocus (great for taking self timer pictures) with this lens, and I couldn’t execute this with the Nikon 50mm f1.8 lens. The pictures in this world are mostly taken with the Nikon 50mm f1.8 lens inasmuch as at the time I still place of safety’t received my new lens nevertheless.

“Some were saying, Erasers are notwithstanding people who make errors. But the intelligent said, Erasers are for people who are volition to correct their mistakes”

Day 012

Mon 12th January: Late birthday quick in emergencies to Nailah.

Day 013

Tues 13th January: Last take a note of revision for the exam and scribbling war of ~ onto the white board to try to gain sense of the topic.

Day 014

Wed 14th January: My exam was experienced. I planned to do some toil but I went on Youtube instead haha.

Day 015

Thurs 15th January: Celebrated Maria’s birthday that light of ~ and the other house of friends came. Ida gave everyone a cute keepsake from Japan.

Day 016

Fri 16th January: Received disengage chocolate for attending a volunteer joining and Anjalee gave me a open-handed nutella sample she received from her workplace.

Day 017

Sat 17th January: Planned entirely my practicals dates and deadlines, and completed some lecture notes.

Day 018

Sun 18th January: A dish I cooked that day: pork and sweetcorn fried rice.

Day 019

Mon 19th January: Amazon delivered my camera lens and my pharmacology textbook.

Day 020

Tues 20th January: Accidentally divide myself whilst chopping some vegetables.

Day 021

Wed 21st January: Ordered this reticule from Forever21. I love the design of this wallet, but it’s not very practical since the zip opening is a scanty small to fit my camera, for a like rea~n unfortunately I have to return it. If barely the zip opening was an inch wider, then it would be a finish bag.

Day 022

Thurs 22nd January: I originally wanted to buy a Cath Kidston purse, but I apprehend it will remind me the time that my purse was surreptitious in China Town. Take extra care of your bags whenever in China Town! This River Island purse seems favorable in terms of its design and practicality, and ASOS was having a 20% learner discount, so I figured it was a cheerful time to order it.

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