This week was wholly about the mice and inflammation. We were told ~ dint of. our professor in Pharmacology to prompt inflammation and compare the effects of unfixed anti-inflammatory drugs. Everything now becomes in this way technical since this is the be unexhausted semester before the clinical duties nearest year.


We gave the name Timmy and Charlotte to our compeer mice. They said never be attached to every animal that will be used in the laboratory, well I reflect we did not do such body thus the names.


Robin at the pharma Lab


That is how you induce irritation. You just purpose the needle at the mouse. Nah! that’s suitable rubbing oil of wintergreen in the mouse’s ears.


Everyone engaged doing their stuff for the laboratory

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Asi ~t one se puede oiga, uno que empieza en esto y quiere comprender que es bueno y nay, se queda normalmente mas confuso que antes de empezar, pues como dije, y solo hace falta ir a google y corroborarlo, donde unos dicen que es look mejor, otros dicen que es lo peor.

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