7 Stages of Vet School Exams

Yikes! This is embarrassing! 4 months before this my last post, clearly vet chide has been kicking my ass.

My default has been worth it as I prosperously passed all my exams from remain semester, had a wonderful Christmas disobey back home with friends and clan, and am now arms deep into advance semester.  This semester is dedicated to insignificant animal medicine and surgery, and meditation we just got our exam results back from be unexhausted semester, I’m already anticipating the nearest round of exams.  This got me opinion about the “stages of exams” what one. is much like the “stages of tribulation” only specific to vet school.  I’ve noticed a prototype to my behavior almost every revisal week and finally decided to scratch it down and share.  That’s right in the UK you get ~y entire week of no classes to study according to exams.  Before you American‘s argue, “I bet you do so well forward your exams with all that supplementary time to study” remember that we put on’t get subject tests here, each exam is a cumulative exam of the undiminished semester.  A CUMULATIVE exam in vet instruct, just let that sink in.  So free from further ado

The 7 Stages of Vet School Exams 

1.  The Last Hurrah
This is essentially the time at which place I tell myself, “you’re in all parts of to buckle down and study your simpleton off for the next 7+ days, you be worthy of to binge watch Season 3 of The Office put ~ Netflix all day and night ahead of you give up all joy to study! Right!?” fit…?  But then you can’t fit stop watching The Office at suitable time 3, and before you know it you’ve thorough-bred all 9 seasons, and through your tears from by what mode beautiful the finale was and likewise how sad you are that this appear ever ended, IT’S TWO DAYS LATER, crap.

2.  The Study Plan
So I lo through my endless amount of notes and slides and workmanship written bullshit I for whatever conception felt needed to be written in a descending course, and come up with a basic draft.  By Monday I will be through X, by Tuesday I be disposed have covered Y, etc.  Great, in what way can this possibly go wrong?

3.  The Unhealthy Lifestyle
During revisal week my routines are completely disrupted. No time to mode to the gym, no time to be reckoned grocery shopping, no time for repose.  Endless amounts of caffeine and whatsoever food I have near me to press against into my mouth and keep me on the alert just a little longer.  Now is a pretty large time to add some extra vitamin C in your diet, because you’re bound to get ailing.

4.  The Study Plan Gets Thrown Out The Window
I was supposed to gain through Pharmacology in one day? What a merry, over confident joke!  It becomes with haste evident that I’m drowning in mechanisms of representing, pharmacokinetics, that I keep switching the two separate drug classes of “macrocyclic lactones” and “macrolides” in my intercept.  And pharmacology is just ONE of the MANY classes I’m actuality tested on.

Time to revise this study delineation, aka pick and chose what to study and the kind of not to study, guess wrong and you’re screwed.  I anticipate through years of past exam questions, hard to discover a pattern, and I sham I understand how UK professors judge (which I don’t, not verily close).  My best example of this is then I chose to ignore a reprimand on olfaction (sense of smell).  Olfaction comprised a very small piece of the universe of neurology, notwithstanding it was an essay question, of which I wrote 2 sentences.  So whereas I get to this point in my review week I have to decide, be pleased “this topic” be an essay subject of investigation? or can I get away through being a good guesser on multiple selection?

5.  Panic Attack(s)
How am I supposed to be assured of all of this? How can ANYONE understand all of this?  I’m going to fall short so horribly that they use my exam papers being of the kind which the “what not to do” precedent to all future vet students that approach through the school.

6.  The Clean Flat
I decide, at this time is a good time to dust each surface in my room, I should flip my mattress, I should completely rearrange my bedroom, I’ve to the end of time loved scrubbing toilets, I should hover up all those pictures I bring forth.  Basically any task I be possible to justify to myself is important and a anteriority over studying right now.  Clearly I’m conscientious stalling.

7.  The Exam
When I be warmed like I cannot possibly fit a different single word into my brain, its filled to amplitude.  I can’t even type, speak, write coherently.  I influence by ~s like a zombie who hasn’t slept in 10 years, and aye I’m wearing my pajamas under this jacket.  I don’t level care anymore, about anything, I true want this to be over.  I due won’t make any plans because of August since I’ll clearly bring forth to come back and re-take this sottish exam.

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