– bismillah –

I was ‘occupied’ with my phone until i heard some side-talking. Overheard to be faithful. 

And it left me heinous afterwards.

No they are not talking nearly me. But on a sensitive impression for the time being. 

I swindle learn in pharmacology on how and wherefore we vomit, what stimulute what, ~-end i dont know how do we diffuse tears, easily…

Makin hari, makin complicated nak kenal diri. Hari ini baru tahu stimulus baru untuk trigger emotional hijack. Weird. I ~ together today’s reaction is weird. 

My confidant by my side realised the unanticipated emotional hijack. She comforts me well enough. She asked me why and which happened, i laughed out. i wish i could gain the answer myself…

And i practised everything quickly and left the dependent early. Took a bus ride home. Got more sleep, and waking up typing this wishing entirely the problem had gone. 

No, it corsets. 

I wish any problem that arises be possible to be shed off like how the dandelion make no use of its tiny components…

Alli is that you may be obliged to run to the bathroom ~ful away after eating a meal through too much fat.

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